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Here's what happened in Monday night's action-packed session. Each PC gets 340 xp. It would very useful to know what your plans are for next session so I can prepare accordingly so please discuss here or via emai!

Ella and El’em go to Mangesh’s houseboat to see him but he’s gone fishing. Head for the Old Fishery with Ella and El’em leading the way. Initial scouting doesn’t reveal any obvious signs of criminal activity – just the stench of fish gone bad and the sound of people working inside. Krivinn tries (unsuccesfully) to sneak up to the delivery entrance and gets shot with a crossbow bolt for his trouble by Hookshanks, an ugly scarred dwarf. Ella covers the front door while the other PCs move in to support the paladin inside the fishery workfloor. Meanwhile, the bad guys get reinforcements too – Cyrus the halfling and a guard drake come through one door and Giggles the half-orc and some more chummers enter through another and battle is joined!

Ella realises no one is coming out the front door so picks the lock and charges in to attack Cyrus from behind. The craven halfling flees to his office and escapes. Krivinn, bitten savagely by the drake, decapitates Hookshanks with a righteous smite from his execution axe, as Giggles attacks Gong. El’em casts shock sphere and finishes off the remaining chummers, leaving the others to deal with the half-orc. The genasi then casts thunderwave to launch the drake into the vat of spoiled fish, killing it. The PCs search the bodies and then the whole of this floor, finding some copper and silver coins and a lot of disorganised business records. For reasons best known to himself, Krivinn throws quite a few of these into the fish slurry.

Brave Ella heads round the boardwalk to the rotting old barge lashed to the fishery, followed by Gong and Krivinn who use slates from the office as stepping stones to avoid slipping off the deck and into the water where a jigsaw shark awaits. Ella leaps on to the boat but realises the deck looks likely to give way at any point. Returning to the lower workfloor of the fishery, Krivinn opens one of the shutters and smashes a hole through the side of the ship. Ella goes inside but is attacked by a drain spider. Once it’s been killed and nothing of any use is found in the cabin, the PCs decide to give the hold a miss and figure out how to get to the hidden underpier. Brute force seems the best option: Krivinn smashes a whole in the boardwalk and lowers Ella down.

Ella opens the door to Elias Wang’s office – a large room with a hole in the floor open to the waters of the Dolphin Strait. Inside are Elias Wang, leader of the Dockside Crew, and his aging Tiangaon bodyguard, Lo Chong. As Ella moves into the room, the third occupant reveals itself – Wang’s pet crocodile – who bites the elf’s legs. The ranger falls unconcscious and the others rush down through the hole to help. Lo Chong goes into melee as Elias Wang, clearly a warlock, curses the PCs and casts fiery bolts and eldritch blasts at them. The PCs kill the crocodile first, then Lo Chong, but Elias Wang teleports away as the party close in on him.


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Apr. 9th, 2009 09:32 pm (UTC)
Once we've ransacked the Old Fishery for loot and documents, I need to look at the documents we've recovered here and at Orloch's to see if there is any clue as to their connections with outside interests, e.g. the "gentlemen", or inkling as to why Ashna got stiffed. As Elias Wang has used magic to escape, we again have no-one to interrogate. Might be worth trying to track down that nasty little halfling, I suppose.

Aslo we need to find a new base of operations, especially as we just knocked over a place on our own doorstep, so to speak.
Mar. 9th, 2011 05:48 am (UTC)
You come up with some of the best names.

Well done.

Side note: "lashed to the fishery" sounds like it should be the title of a Pogues song. Just sayin'. ;-)
Mar. 9th, 2011 09:25 am (UTC)
Very kind of you to say so, but I can't really claim credit. This site is an awesome resource! Generally, I use Byzantine or Roman names for the Batiarans, Indian for Sahasrans and Arabic or Persian for the Akhrani.

The Old Fishery (and the NPCs - Hookshanks & Giggles, IIRC) is taken from the first part of the Curse of the Crimson Throne adventure path for Pathfinder.

Agree with you about the Pogues song! I'm a big fan so who knows?
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