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Here's what happened in Sunday's game. One more session of The Banewarrens to go to wrap up the campaign!

Experience points are 2,986 xp for Alessandra, Karim & Lyman; 3,621 xp for Avach (not enough to level anyone up sadly)

18th Uktar (contd)

Travel up to the start of the Dread One’s Path. Attacked by a solamith demon which throws its burning flesh (soulfire) at Lyman and Alessandra before it’s killed. Karim enters the control room and searches it thoroughly. Once he’s given the all-clear, the others come in and don the weird helmets which control the Doomwalker and its weaponry. The PCs guide the huge construct down the Path through the fungus forest, destroying a flock of wyverns and leaping over a 30’ wide pool before reaching the end.
Then, the Pactlords attack:  Sarth the bugbear is mounted on Ferendis, a huge red dragon, appearing at the end of the Path, while Chast (an athach), Vo-Nul (phase spider) and S’Errit (lizardman) attack the PCs in the control room. Karim and Lyman stay in control of the Doomwalker while Alessandra and Avach take off their helmets to defend against the new threat. Meanwhile, the noise from the red dragon battling the Doomwalker has awakened the fallen angel Malificite (once Bastion) who joins the fray, attacking both sides.

Avach and Alessandra are struggling against the Pactlords in the control room so Lyman takes off his helmet to help, leaving Karim in sole charge of the construct. The wizard destroys Chast with chain lightning and orb of force, and Avach is able to slay S’Errit. With its two companions dead, Vo-Nul the phase spider (who has been disappearing into the ethereal plane after each attack on Karim) doesn’t return, enabling all four PCs to take concentrate on manoeuvring the Doomwalker and resume its attacks on Ferendis. The red dragon is killed after the Malificite casts earthquake to collapse the ceiling, trapping everyone under the rubble, albeit temporarily. With Ferendis dead, the angel flies towards the control room with the Doomwalker in pursuit.

When the Doomwalker arrives, the Malificite has already smashed his way into the control room, exposing the PCs to the spores from the fungi in the Path. He then casts blade barrier which damages Lyman enough to take him down. The others continue to control the Doomwalker, and its devastating blows are enough to finally finish off the former planetar. Suffering from Constitution damage from the poisonous spores, the PCs retreat to Mordenkainen’s Magnificent Mansion to rest.

Since he doesn’t need to breathe, Karim goes back into the control room alone and guides the Doomwalker to the Malificite’s treasure inside his home at the end of the Path. Here, the genasi is able to recover the final part of the staff of shards!

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