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Here's what happened in last night's game. Not much xp I'm afraid - just 145 xp each - as the oppposition wasn't that tough. I've listed the party's outstanding quests and other things to follow up on at the end of this post.

18th Maius

After listening at the door to Madame Zeboltha’s chamber, the PCs decide to see if they can attack from two flanks. Sharden and El’em head outside into the courtyard and climb the stairs. Unfortunately the dwarf is too noisy while trying to put Orloch’s keys into the lock, alerting the occupants of the room. Both doors fly open and Madame Zeboltha’s two Tiangaon bodyguards attack Sharden and Krivinn with their kusari-gamas. Inside the room, the PCs can see the two warrior-monks, Madame Zeboltha (a tiefling warlock, scantily clad and wielding a skull-topped rod) and the captain, Irocar. The walls are adorned with occult symbols and strange alchemical equipment sits on a table in one corner. Creepiest of all, a human head floats in a jar of glowing blue liquid.

The PCs attack the villains, killing the two Tiangaons (although they do get to trip Sharden and Krivinn first), then slaying Madame Zeboltha and ganging up on Irocar who gets in a vicious brute strike on Krivinn before going down to an arrow from Brave Ella. El’em uses his magic to pull a crumpled note from the mouth of the head in the jar – this is from Elias Wang of the Dockside Crew to Madame Zeboltha. The others loot the bodies: Ella takes Irocar’s bow and Sharden grabs the tiefling’s rod. After the head in the jar winks at Gong, the PCs get freaked out and Krivinn cleaves it in twain. Sharden uses a ritual to conjure Tenser’s floating disk to carry all their treasure (including a red egg nestling on a bed of hot coals in a bronze bowl and a unicorn’s horn) and the party head downstairs. They search the rooms on the ground floor, finding many interesting items – a silver filigree lantern with the corpse of a pixie inside, a mud-encrusted idol of the Gorilla King, and the hide of a white wolf among others. After a thorough search, El’em uses his flaming sphere spell to attack the otyugh in the cesspit behind the curtain. The hapless gulguthra is soon killed as an “anti-plague measure” by the PCs. Out in the alley, Krivinn smashes the mould-covered fountain depicting Ravana, king of the rakshasas.

Having plundered the whole tenement, the PCs return to their houseboat with their treasure and go to bed. Ella leaves a note for Mangesh, telling him a nail stealer bird is causing his boat to leak before she retires.

19th Maius

In the morning, Sergeant Saurish of the City Watch knocks on the PCs’ door, keen to question them about their role in two recent incidents: one involving the Dockside Crew, the other thuggee. Gong admits they helped rescue Sethos from the Dockside Crew but denies involvement in the second fight. The watchman leaves, but not pointing the PCs in the direction of the Old Fishery – headquarters of the Dockside Crew.

Quests & Loose Ends
  • Dealing with the Dockside Crew
  • Finding out who killed Ashna and reporting back to Girish
  • Solving Mangesh's leaky boat problem
  • Slaying the black dragon
  • Exploring the forest ruins with Sreedhar
  • Finding a new place to stay


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Apr. 1st, 2009 08:09 am (UTC)
whoop whoop
am level 4!

now what i *did* miss was picking up that red est in the incubator/nest of hot coals. what's hatching out of THAT?
Apr. 1st, 2009 08:09 am (UTC)
red egg even.. stupid early morning typing...
Apr. 1st, 2009 01:20 pm (UTC)
Let's kick some ass next time, shall we? I need 450 xp.
Apr. 1st, 2009 02:28 pm (UTC)
Congratulations to Brave Ella! Will try and provide more ass to be kicked next session so that everyone else can get to 4th level.
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