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Here's what happened in Monday night's game. Each PC gets 356 xp.

El’em and Sharden guard the entrance to Cutpurse Alley while the others move down towards the mold-encrusted fountain at the far end. When movement is spotted at the window above, Krivinn kicks in the door to the left. Inside are two toughs who attack the dragonborn with their maces, knocking him to the ground. Meanwhile, two bowmen fire at Ella and Gong from the first floor. Ella returns fire while Gong goes to help Krivinn. The two ruffians are joined by Arturo the fence who the paladin kills. When Ella enters the room she goes near the curtain at one end and is grabbed by the tentacle of an otyugh in the cesspit beyond. Fortunately she manages to get out of the grab as the others finish off their enemies.

The PCs decide to leave searching the room – a treasury of miscellaneous purloined junk – and Arturo’s office and bedroom until later. Krivinn heads upstairs, triggering a tripwire which sets a load of pots and pans crashing to alert the occupants of the room above. Here the PCs, now joined by Sharden, battle five “Dog Brothers”, human members of the Mangy Curs who wear scruffy furs to appear as gnoll-like as possible, and their plate armour clad captain who fires his massive longbow down from the floor above. The Dog Brothers surround Krivinn, knocking him unconscious, but Gong brings him round and the party wins the day. The captain flees through a secret door after Sharden sets him on fire, leaving the PCs to interrogate their captive, a wretched man named Cosmas who tells them that Madame Zeboltha now runs the place following Orloch’s tragic death.

The PCs leave Cosmas tied up and search the captain’s quarters, finding treasure hidden inside the chimney (after Sharden triggers a painful spear trap) and discovering a secret door they can’t open. They head downstairs, outside, through the door opposite and up the stairs into a large, smelly common room. The party opens a door to a storeroom full of rats. Two swarms attack – although they clamber all over the PCs, the rats are destroyed in short order.


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Mar. 19th, 2009 09:06 am (UTC)
not *quite* enough for 4th level- will have to lay some smackdown next week!
Mar. 19th, 2009 11:16 pm (UTC)
Re: booooooooo
Don't worry - deal with Madame Zeboltha and you're bound to level up!
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