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Red Hand of Doom Session #3

Here's what happened in last night's game. No Jeff and his nameless paladin but we had a guest player (Georg) running Jorr the woodsman.

Each character gets 1,250xp

19th Kythorn (contd)
The party arrives at the trail leading up to Vraath Keep. Zacks wild shapes into a raven and performs aerial reconnaisance on the ruined building, spotting a manticore (which Enzo identifies from his description). On his return, there is much debate about whether or not to venture inside now or wait until morning. Eventually, Vastori urges the others to grasp the nettle and explore that afternoon.

The PCs head up the path, leaving Moralias guarding the horses. Jorr decides to have a look inside the decrepit-looking shed outside the main keep which promptly collapsese, making a huge racket and alerting the inhabitants of the keep. A big battle then ensues inside the courtyard between the party and two goblin worg-riders, four hobgoblins (who almost surround Vastori) and the manticore which is taken down with spells from Avatea and a flying Enzo. Two of Jorr’s dogs are killed and Vastori has another near-death experience but Enzo comes to his rescue, stunning the last two hobgoblins with colour spray.

After the fight, the PCs loot the bodies and heal the injured while Enzo flies up to the top of the tower and drops a cloak on top of the human body rigged up there as a gruesome scarecrow. They search the other rooms around the courtyard, finding a bit of treasure. Then, Grudge opens the door to the bottom of the tower: behind it are a fearsome-looking bugbear and a minotaur.

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