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Here's what happened in Monday night's challenging session. It was meant to be tough as the slave auction was a 7th-level encounter for 3rd level PCs, but since the party was a dwarf down, I should probably have made an adjustment to the difficulty. Oh well. I'll try and make it a bit easier next time.

Each PC gets 603 xp.

17th Maius (contd)

Leaving Sharden to look after the freed slaves, the others head through the door into the staging room beyond. From here, they go through the next door into a narrow corridor. Ella sneaks ahead and peers round the curtain – behind it she can see the red-maned figure of Orloch and his two guards, as well as the chained Sreedhar. The PCs get ready and Gong sweeps back the curtains to reveal an amphitheatre filled with auction-goers, some human and some not. The “nots” are two shadar-kai, three kuo-toa and the two zombies guarding their robed master.

As El’em attacks with burning hands, blasting the gnolls and one of the zombies, Ella shoots her bow and Krivinn moves in to attack in melee, all but one of the human attendees leaves by the double doors ahead. Then, the two shadar-kai attack the PCs: the male chain-fighter rushes across the room to attack from a distance while the female warlock curses El’em. The kuo-toa priest acts next, casting spectral jaws which bite Gong. Orloch and his two Mangy Curs attack the party in melee with their axes but El'em is able to send the gnoll slaver flying with his magic. Pinned in the corridor by the gnolls, the PCs are unable to defend themselves that well against the grave bolts of the dark-robed necromancer or the spiteful glamours of the shadar-kai warlock. Gong continues to suffer attacks from the spectral jaws and goes unconscious, as does Krivinn when he is struck first by the shadar-kai chain-fighter (as he dances across the room) and then by a 30 hp critical hit from Orloch’s execution axe.

El’em uses a couple of healing potions to revive the pair as Ella takes down Orloch with her bow. The shadar-kai warlock unleashes her cursebite which knocks Gong and Krivinn unconscious again – this time first aid is needed to revive the two healers. The two other gnolls are killed and all four PCs are now back up on their feet. When this happens the shadar-kai and kuo-toa leave. The party finishes off the necromancer and his one surviving zombie after deterring El’em from going after the kuo-toa. With the battle over, the PCs lock the doors using Orloch’s keys and rest. Krivinn takes Orloch’s axe; Ella takes the necromancer’s +1 gloaming shroud.

After wandering aimlessly in the tunnels of the Hidden Quarter for a while, the PCs find their way back to the Dock Ward streets via the sewers – by this time it’s late at night. Arranging to meet Sreedhar tomorrow, the PCs head back to the Fat Grouper after Gong fails to persuade Heera and Pallavi (the two pretty Sahasran girls) to come with him.

18th Maius

The PCs escort Lady Patricia back to her home in the Imperial Quarter’s Grand Ward. Her husband, Didymus, doesn’t seem that thrilled to see her but gives the PCs a small bag of gold bezants as a reward. Back in Flotsam, the PCs buy potions of healing from Jagadamba before meeting up with Sreedhar. The Sahasran scholar tells the party about the ruins in the Feyshore Forest but he doesn’t seem to know much about Ashna or her murder. He does tell Ella that the tattoos she’s seen belong to the Golden Scimitars, a powerful thieves’ guild.

That evening, the PCs head to Orloch’s slum tenement base. Gong opens the lock on the gate after disabling the trap and the party heads inside, killing the five sentries who were guarding the alley without too much trouble.


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Mar. 4th, 2009 12:45 pm (UTC)
i thought we survived pretty well considering!!
Mar. 4th, 2009 07:55 pm (UTC)
Re: huzzah!
Yes, don't disagree with that!
Mar. 9th, 2011 04:32 am (UTC)
I very much enjoy the variety of NPC's you use.
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