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Parsantium NPC: Sergeant Saurish of the Dock Ward

Sergeant Saurish of the Dock Ward City Watch is a dedicated, intelligent Sahasran watchman. Unlike his jaded Watch Captain Nisai, who has almost given up on trying to prevent crime in the Dock Ward, Saurish is keen to maintain as much law and order as is practically possible without getting himself murdered by the criminal gangs prevalent in the area. He frequently gets frustrated with his colleagues who are often lazy, cowardly or corrupt and don’t understand why Saurish bothers to investigate some of the bodies that turn up floating off the dockside.

Saurish is about thirty and well-turned out with a neatly trimmed beard and moustache. He wears a turban rather than a helm, fastened with a clasp depicting the leaping dolphin symbol of the Dock Ward. Like all watchmen, he wears a white tabard with the city’s crest in purple over his chainmail. He has a Sahasran straight sword – a khanda – instead of a longsword hanging at his hip. Saurish is invariably polite to those citizens he comes across in the course of his duties but is an excellent judge of character and isn’t easily fooled by the typical flim-flam of adventurers on the wrong side of the law.

Saurish is promoted to Captain of the Poor Ward after the PCs break up the Golden Scimitars.
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