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I ran the first Parsantium 4th edition session this afternoon for the players in the long-running Freeport campaign this afternoon and it went pretty well. We've kicked off with the same first adventure that I ran for the Black Horse group but I'm sure the campaign will go in different directions shortly. We got through two encounters, with the second one proving particularly challenging. There's obviously something about rat swarms and dragonborn paladins as rmfein 's paladin also had a hard time with these.

Cast of Characters

Gilgarran Hailsenra, male eladrin wizard. Sent away from his home in the Feyshore Forest by his father for a year “to prove himself”.

Hrothgar is a male gnoll barbarian from the north hunting down those responsible for the massacre of his tribe.

is a male genasi swordmage raised in the mountains of the Caliphate of Akhran with both the stormsoul and watersoul elements. He has come to Parsantium to escape some very substantial gambling debts.

Sora Zaveri
is a female dragonborn paladin of Bahamut, brought up communally by the Moonscale clan in Parsantium, and trained as a paladin while squiring a Platinum Knight of Bahamut based in the chapterhouse in the city.

Ulthar Forkbeard is a charismatic male (human) Urskovian warlord. He previously served as a junior officer in the Parsantine Varangian Guard but resigned in frustration at the lack of opportunities to smite evil doers.

Here's what happened in the session. Each PC earned 255xp.

6th Maius 1745

The PCs are drinking in the Fat Grouper, Flotsam’s inn, at lunchtime, wondering how they will earn some money. An urchin, Ashna, tells the PCs that a robed Sahasran is looking for a band of bold adventurers and will be at the Black Dolphin’s Wake that evening. Later, Girish, Ashna’s friend, arrives in a rowboat to ferry the PCs to the dockside. There, a netmaker they know, Sethos, is being beaten up by a gang of enforcers from the Dockside Crew led by an oily-looking halfling. The PCs intervene, killing all but one of the thugs who they knock unconscious and take prisoner. Sethos who has got behind with his payments to the Dockside Crew is very grateful. Riyad, the landlord of the Black Dolphin’s Wake has also seen the whole thing and congratulates them. The PCs, he says, seem just like the type of bold adventurers he’s looking for, explaining that he has a terrible problem with rats in his tavern which are putting off the customers.

The PCs interrogate their captive, learning that the Dockside Crew is based in the Old Fishery and headed up by a Mr Wang. Juma suggests the PCs send him back with a message for Wang “from the Juma-Ji’ad Gang” but the others aren’t keen. After some discussion, they decide to help Riyad with his rat problem first. The buck-toothed landlord shows the PCs into the private room off the bar where he stores his barrels of Marlin Brew. There is a bad smell in here, coming from one corner. They move aside the old crates here, finding a trap door beneath some newer floorboards.

The party heads down the rickety spiral staircase leading into the room below with Sora in the lead. Here the PCs are attacked by two rat swarms and two dire rats, and from the room beyond by rat-things – rats with horrible human faces. Juma and Gilgarran get rid of one of the swarms but it manages to bloody the genasi. The rat-thing hexer casts a vexing cloud in the room which makes it hard for the PCs to see their enemies and both Sora and Juma get bitten by dire rats. Ulthar, Juma and Gilgarran go into the second room to fight the rat-things – Ulthar triggers the first of three spear traps he to blunder into and gets stung and then blinded by the hexer after he and Juma kill its four minions. Meanwhile, Hrothgar and Sora have been left in the first room to battle the remaining swarm and both dire rats. Sora kills one dire rat but ends up unconscious, dying, and covered in rats on the stairs and Hrothgar is reduced to 2hp by the swarm, having taken several rounds worth of ongoing damage from their teeth and is forced to retreat. Finally the three PCs in the second room manage to kill the hexer and are able to come to Sora’s rescue, finishing off the swarm and bringing her back to consciousness.

Worn out by the combat, the PCs go back upstairs to rest after searching the two rooms, finding some rusty knives and cleavers and some treasure including a +1 cloak of resistance. They show some rat corpses to Riyad and ask for a sub which works – the landlord gives them 10 gp. The PCs release their captive and go back to their houseboat to rest.

• Juma has filth fever.


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Feb. 10th, 2009 02:30 pm (UTC)
Nitpicky editor
Is bloody really a transitive verb now? Sigh.
Feb. 10th, 2009 08:29 pm (UTC)
Re: Nitpicky editor
I think it is. Just like "action". "Learning" is also a noun.
Feb. 10th, 2009 09:57 pm (UTC)
Re: Nitpicky editor
Tsk. Next you'll be saying "embiggen" isn't a real word.
Feb. 12th, 2009 11:30 am (UTC)
Re: Nitpicky editor
"Wound" is commonly used outside of Seattle, but we'd be told of by Wizards for implying there was an on-going effect.
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