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Red Hand of Doom Session #2

Here's what happened in Monday night's game. The hydra would have been even more challenging if I'd remembered to get you all to roll for damage when trying to sever a head. Each head had 11 hp so cutting them off should have taken a bit longer - doh!

Experience is 583 xp (not 400 xp as I said on Monday).

18th Kythorn (contd)
The surviving hobgoblin is intimidated into talking by Avatea’s stern words and by Grudge brandishing the severed head of one of his comrades: the Red Hand are based in an old human keep in the forest and are led by Wyrmlord Koth.
Arrive in Drellin’s Ferry and meet Moralias at the Old Bridge Inn. The Town Speaker Norro Wiston and Captain Soranna of the Town Guard ask for help in dealing with the hobgoblins in the forest. Sell loot and buy scrolls and potions from Sertieren the Wise, a halfling wizard.

19th Kythorn
Head into the Witchwood, following the Witch Trail. Hire Jorr the woodsman as a guide after Zacks uses calm animals to pacify his three dogs.
While riding north along a wooden causeway over swampy ground, attacked by a hydra with six heads. Enzo weakens it severely with a ray of enfeeblement for 8 Strength damage, and the three fighters are able to get close and sever five of its heads. The monster escapes into the deep water allowing the PCs to get past and continue towards Vraath Keep.


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Jul. 2nd, 2007 11:18 am (UTC)
We did roll damage.
Hi rich, As far as I remember we did roll damage after a hit, I remember doing it that way.

As one of the head took to attack to kill due to not enough damage the first time.

Wayne (Zacks)
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