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January Books & RPGs

In January, I finished a couple of books:

   The Hard Way by Lee Child. Not bad, although not one of my favourites. I have now actually run out of Lee Child books until the new one comes out later this year.

   Getting Things Done by David Allen. This was recommended to me by kb98 to help me manage my workload and time better. I’ve put some of the recommendations in the book into practice and it’s working so far.

I also read some or all of the following RPGs (and still have quite a few more to get through!):

-    Pathfinder #15 & #16. I enjoyed reading these but I think I’m going to have to stop buying Pathfinder. I just don’t have time to read it each month and keep up to date with Dungeon and Dragon as well. It’s a shame as I think Paizo have published some great stuff but once kb98 and I finish the Banewarrens at long last, I won’t be running 3.5 again, and I need to concentrate on 4e stuff that can go straight into my game.

-    Manual of the Planes – I’ve only read the first three chapters but the 4e version is the best yet so far, with some of the sense of wonder that Planescape had. I love the Feywild and the Shadowfell, and it’s good to see new takes on Sigil, the City of Brass and Moil, the City that Waits plus the return of spelljammers! I was sceptical about the 4e cosmology (see below) at first but I think it really works.

-    Draconomicon – not read much of this one but it has a 30th level version of Ashardalon as well as lots of new monsters and some nice little mini-adventures.

-    Wrath of the River King by Wolfgang Baur – excellent 4e adventure from Open Design for 4th level PCs. Set mostly in the Feywild, I’m going to try and fit this into the Parsantium campaign. A few little contributions of mine are in this too.

-    Zobeck Gazetteer by Wolfgang Baur – another Open Design product, written alongside Tales of Zobeck, although this one isn’t just available to the patrons who commissioned it. Zobeck is Wolfgang’s campaign city, East European in flavour with clockwork guardsmen, an interesting set of gods, and a kobold ghetto. This slim volume is full of flavour, covering key locations in the city as well as clockwork creatures and magic. I’m going to try and find somewhere in the world of Parsantium for Zobeck. Good stuff

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