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Dulwich Parsantium Campaign: the PCs

We're starting our new campaign next weekend. Here are the PCs so far:

Juma-Ji'ad (played by Tim) is a Genasi Swordmage raised in the Mountains of the Caliphate of Akhran where the heat of the desert meets the cool east air - a wild and electrifying environment.  He naturally took on the element of storm but began to despair at his highly charged and emotional demeanour.  After getting into gambling debts of over ten thousand gold pieces he left for Parsantium seeking riches, with twelve months grace agreed, to repay what he owed.  Shortly after arriving in the city he took on the element of water finding the calm, soothing and feminine aspect a pleasant contrast to his stormsoul.
Don't make him angry but he will do anything for a piece of gold.

Ulthar Forkbeard (ulthar01) is a charismatic Urskovian warlord.  He previously served as a junior officer in the Parsantine Varangian guard but  resigned in frustration at the lack of opportunities to smite evil doers (the guard spend most of their time on palace ceremonial duties these days). On the one occasion Ulthar's company went on campaign, against an incursion by goblinoid raiders, he gained a new respect for gnolls and dragonborn. The Parsantine army's gnoll warband seized a steep hill dominating the battlefield with great elan; a crushing charge by the Platinum Knights then finished the raiders off. 
Having resigned in haste, Ulthar is now repenting at leisure - but sharpening his axe and looking for an opportunity to win glory.

Hrothgar (g0gmag0g ) is a gnoll barbarian from the north hunting down those responsible for the massacre of his tribe.  He's not really doing very well with urban living and has found himself inexplicably getting into fights. Running out of money and down on his luck, Hrothgar is in need of somewhere to sleep and someone to help him understand the city.

Two more to come....

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