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Here's what happened in last night's game. Each PC gets 315 xp each.

Hopefully it's becoming a bit clearer about what's going on and who's who.

17th Maius (contd)

The PCs revive and interrogate their two captives, Barius & Theus, slapping them about a bit when they don’t get the answers they’re looking for. Both are beggars and petty thieves working for Orloch Scragmane – the PCs realise they’ve come up inside the gnoll gang boss’ slum tenement. After tying up the pair, Brave Ella climbs the ladder to the loft above where she sees what appears to be a sleeping gnoll protected by three hooded guards. Looking closer, she realises the “guards” are mannequins, there is something wrong with the floor, and that a man in leather armour is hiding up in the rafters. The man, Black Shet, opens fire on Ella who shoots back. The others rush up the ladder to help their elven companion and Shet is soon despatched. With the fighting over, a little girl emerges from under a furry rug in the bed. This is Bhuvi, an orphan who had been told to hide there by Black Shet. The PCs tie her up too and then toss the room, triggering a hail of darts trap on a coffer full of worthless coins, and finding a trapdoor in the floor. They also find a +1 duelist’s dagger (“Felis”) on Shet’s body.

Ella climbs down through the trapdoor into the cave below, followed by the others. The slave pens in here hold four prisoners: Gong’s master Wang Jin We, and a noblewoman, Lady Patricia, and her handmaidens. Three hobgoblin slavers appear and attack the PCs as Sharden leaps onto the hanging cage above the river. The giant gorilla starts hauling on the windlass, pulling the cage towards him. Sharden tries to cast a spell and loses his grip on the cage, falling into the river. Meanwhile, one of the hobgoblins releases the gorilla who climbs on top of the slave pens and attacks Krivinn who is already in combat with a gorilla. El’em rescues Sharden from the river while the others kill the gorilla and hobgoblins – Ella chases one out of the room and shoots him down. With their enemies dead, the PCs get Wang and the three women out of the cages. Lady Patricia is very grateful at being rescued but is a bit taken aback by the unsympathetic PCs’ unwillingness to take her home. After some discussion, they leave all four prisoners where they are and head through the archway to the north.

Not-so-brave Ella checks out the room straight ahead – a temple with a desiccated human corpse and a portal painted on the wall - but decides it’s too creepy. Instead, Krivinn and Gong go inside and loot the body, taking three scrolls, silver bracers and a fancy clay pipe. Heading west up the stairs, the PCs are nervous about the raised portcullis they can see so Ella stacks the hobgoblin corpses underneath it. However, when El’em and Sharden approach the double doors, the hobgoblins in the room beyond still manage to drop  the portcullis between the pair and the rest of the party. The doors open and Orliss the Goat, dragonborn warlord, four hobgoblins and six goblins attack the PCs. Krivinn and Ella lift up the portcullis as El’em casts flaming sphere and Sharden goes unconscious under attack from Orliss. Gong is able to revive the dwarf and the PCs defeat their enemies, although one particularly annoying goblin keeps hitting Krivinn with his bow before he’s brought down. Search the bodies and find a secret panel in the west wall.

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