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Avatea's Story

Here's Lucy's character background for Avatea:

For eighteen generations Avatea's family have served Selune's temple in
Sammaresh, passing their knowledge and tradition through an unbroken female
line. A family of mystics, diviners and healers, they have little thought
for the world beyond their city's borders. Apart from pilgrimage to the
Selunite temple in the Tashalar, Avatea has never left the city of her birth
and is consequently wary of strangers.

In recent months Sammaresh has been stirring with unease after an
unpredicted eclipse blackened the face of the Moon Goddess and her temple
statues were seen to weep. Ominous portents and troubling divinations have
unsettled the minds of the Selunite faithful.

The Council of Elders, fearing the signs are proof of the re-emergence of
the Dark Justicars of Shar, sent a delegation of their most powerful
brethren to the Abbey of Tharynd to seek guidance. Weeks have passed since
the appointed date for their return, but no word of their fate has reached
the fearful citizens of Sammaresh.

Avatea is small and thin, with pale eyes, hair and skin. Like all
generations of her family she is an "only born", with no siblings, and was
pledged to the goddess at birth. She is now nineteen years old.

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