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Here's what happened in Sunday's game. Only one chapter left to go! Session xp = 2,300 xp for Alessandra & Lyman, 3,200 xp for Karim, 4,200 xp for Avach.

16th Uktar (contd)

The PCs head across the bridge to the door opposite and enter the room beyond where they attack the fake golem with spells, disabling the automaton. Heading round to the right, they try and open the nearest door, triggering the sonic blast trap and alerting the iron golem. Battle the iron golem which proves hard to damage although Lyman is able to slow it down with electrical attacks. Avach goes unconscious and the PCs retreat with Lyman blocking off pursuit with a wall of force as it fights the celestial hippogriff summoned by Alessandra. Heading left from the entrance this time, they run into the golem again and decide to withdraw and rest.

17th Uktar

Confront the iron golem again. This time the PCs are well prepared and are able to destroy the construct with a combination of Lyman’s orb of force spells, Alessandra’s summoned earth elemental and Karim and Avach’s attacks. Recover the Sword of Lies from the next room after several grabs at illusory swords and being blasted with force damage.

Fly, air walk and levitate up to the next level. Ignoring the grey ogres, the PCs open the door to the Master of Chains’ room. Lyman casts radiant assault on the kyton, luckily dazing him for 6 rounds. Karim heads across the chain-bridge to attack while the others deal with the grey ogres and the two ogre magi who have appeared. Avach fights one of the ogre magi in the air while Alessandra battles the other one and Lyman gets rid of the ogres with chain lightning. With their enemies beaten, the PCs recover a strange green iron bracer from the Master of Chains’ body. Search the empty vault and the warding generator room. Rest in Mordenkainen’s magnificent mansion.

18th Uktar

Head up to the next level: Lyman and Alessandra air walk, Avach and Karim are flying. Explore the rooms where the Dread One was defeated by the heroes of good; the chilling sense of evil gives Lyman a negative level.

Lyman casts mage hand to touch the rags which are all that remains of Eslathagos Malkith. This causes a dozen wraiths to appear which the PCs kill using chain lightning and Alessandra’s Disciple of the Sun feat. Find the sealing rod, a pair of diamond rings with black metal bands and the silver tip of a +2 holy spear. There is no sign of the last part of the staff of shards however.

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