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Selling Loot in Flotsam

Here are three locations near Flotsam where PCs can sell their ill-gotten gains and also buy new gear. For anything else, a trip to the Mercantile Quarter is in order:

Bilal’s Blades
An arms and armour shop on the north side of the Fish Market. Bilal is a somewhat weasly-looking Akhrani with thinning oiled hair and a scar running down from his cheek to his neck – a souvenir of a nearly fatal fight Bilal was involved in several years ago with a thuggee who tried to rob him as he was walking back to his home after a night gambling at Fahil’s. Bilal sells new and second-hand weapons and armour of various types, with scimitars and kukris a particular speciality. Local enforcers, rogues and thieves make up the majority of his customers. He sometimes has a few magic items to sell.

Harold’s Hole*

Located on the south side of the square where the Fish Market is held. A plaque above the door reads “Welcome to Harold’s Hole!”; underneath is a plaque reading “Thieves: I have a loaded crossbow and I know how to use it – Harold.” The shop is crowded with tables and shelves lined with all sorts of adventuring gear. Even more hangs from the ceiling on hooks or dangling from harnesses and straps. Harold, a well-groomed half-orc with very short hair, a young face and a huge girth, runs the place. Nearly everything can be bought here, except for magical items, and is of good quality at standard prices. He pays one fifth listed value for weapons and equipment with no questions asked. He keeps a record of all transactions, including the seller’s name and residence.

Girik’s Three Gold Coins
Girik is a gnarly old, one-eyed dwarf pawnbroker and fence operating from a small, shabby shop on the south-west corner of the Fish Market square. He wears red and gold silk robes in the Sahasran style and has a very long braided beard. The Three Gold Coins consists of a small office with a desk and table. Girik works behind the desk most days, and customers can lay their wares on the table so he can inspect them. The items he has for sale are displayed in a locked glass case and on shelves around the room.
Girik will lend four-fifths of the value on gems and jewellery; two thirds on other items with the loan running for six months. Interest is 10% per annum and is charged monthly. He also buys jewellery and other valuables (although nothing too esoteric or pricey) from thieves and adventurers. He sells some in his shop but he takes anything worth over 50gp or so to a stall he has in the Mercantile Quarter’s huge market.

Any comments?

*Harold's Hole comes from Bluffside by Thunderhead Games


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Nov. 30th, 2008 11:15 am (UTC)
Harolds Hole
Perhaps since Harolds 'place' deals in adventuring gear, adventuring types might hang around outside looking for a group to join or act as guides for the surrounding area. If Harold finds an item too expensive or esoteric then perhaps the would be seller might hang around outside looking for a direct sale.

Harold might even have a noticeboard on which you can post messages for a copper piece.
Nov. 30th, 2008 11:43 am (UTC)
Re: Harolds Hole
Good suggestions! I like the idea that you can meet other adventurers there and post messages. I'm assuming your ad for magical repairs will go on the noticeboard?

Do you have Adventurer's Vault? Harold will have low-level alchemical items such as alchemist's fire and tanglefoot bags for sale too.

Alchemist’s Fire Level 1+
When shattered, this flask fills an area with alchemical flame.
Lvl 1 20 gp
Alchemical Item
Power (Consumable ✦ Fire): Standard Action. Make an attack:
Area burst 1 within 10; +4 vs. Reflex; on a hit, deal
1d6 fire damage; on miss, deal half damage.
Nov. 30th, 2008 12:35 pm (UTC)
Re: Harolds Hole
Yeah I will post one my adverts there.

Cool, I'll take a look through the Adventurers Vault.

Are you going to allow PCs to save up for particular magic items they want (assuming they are available in the city)? Or are they mainly going to be limited to those they find on their adventurers?

Nov. 30th, 2008 01:31 pm (UTC)
Re: Harolds Hole
I'm not planning on having magic items as readily available via magic shops as they were in the typical 3.x campaign, but yes, some will be available to buy, particularly in the Mercantile Quarter.

Of course, if you guys let me know the items you want, they're more likely to show up in an adventure ;)
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