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November Books

I didn’t do NaNoWriMo (unlike kb98 ) or Movember (unlike Andy) but I did read a few books:

23. The Enemy by Lee Child. I’m going to run out of Lee Child books soon. This one was particularly good, going back to when Reacher was an MP in the army shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Features lots of fun tangles with the military establishment as the death of a two star general leads to a conspiracy that goes right to the top (as these conspiracies are wont to do!). As usual, near impossible to put down.

24. The Walking Dead Book 7: The Calm Before
by Robert Kirkman & Charlie Adlard. I don’t know why I didn’t read this when I read all its predecessors earlier this year. Another good volume and ends on a cliff hanger (hence the title). I need to track down Book 8.

25. Bad Traffic by Simon Lewis. Great thriller recommended to me by kb98 , about Jian, a Chinese cop who doesn’t speak English, trying to track down his AWOL daughter in northern England with reluctant help from Ding Ming, an illegally-smuggled in migrant worker. Both are confused by England and the English, often with funny consequences, but this book is pretty dark as they get mixed up with some unpleasant, ruthless gangsters.


- Pathfinder #14 Children of the Void
Although I still enjoyed reading it, this was one of my least favourite issues of Pathfinder. I just don’t sharelemuriapress and the other Paizo guys’ affection for “planetary romance” and there’s quite a bit of this in this volume including most of the Bestiary and an article on the Golarion solar system. The adventure is set on the island of Devil’s Elbow in the aftermath of a meteor crash – I was hoping to see some of the material from Bruce Cordell’s excellent When the Sky Falls here but writer Mike McArtor went for all-new stuff. This is a shame as Cordell’s hungry dreamers and engram arks are more interesting than the funny-looking pulp monsters here. However, the Pathfinder’s Journal was entertaining as usual – apparently Eando Kline’s adventures are coming to an end soon  – and I really liked Sean Reynolds' article on Cayden Cailean, once-mortal god of adventurers and drinking. I think he’s going to find his way into the Parsantium campaign somehow.

- Castle Shadowcrag

This was the second Open Design adventure and is tied into Wolfgang Baur’s growing Zobeck setting. It has a very clever use of flashback sequences as the PCs explore the haunted, gothic castle, allowing the PCs to intervene in the past to change the future. I also liked the scathesidhe (dark fey) who appear in the adventure. My one criticism (and this is true of Empire of the Ghouls as well) is that the book could do with a better introduction, explaining how the various sections of the adventure are laid out, and containing a likely synopsis of how the adventure could play out. I think this would help the DM figure out how best to use the product.</lj></lj>

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