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Parsantium Campaign Session #1

Here's what happened in Monday night's first session. Each PC gets 125 xp.

Cast of Characters

Gong Sun, male human cleric of Niu Dahan. Arrived in Parsantium from the deserts of western Tiangao, having lost touch with his mentor Wang Jin We. Wang has not been seen at the temple of Niu Dahan for several weeks.

El’em Terazz, male stormsoul genasi wizard. Arrived in the city from the Caliphate of Akhran with his watersoul swordmage companion, looking for a book of rituals stolen from the Mosque of Zann in Siwal, City of Gardens by a man with a tattoo of two crossed scimitars.

Ella, female elf ranger. Last survivor of a massacre of of woodwardens (clerics) and hallowed hunters (rangers) of the nature goddess Thellyne as they celebrated the Spring Equinox at a woodland shrine in the Feyshore Forest. She hunts the leader of the killers, a man named Heinsoo, who made off with a book of sacred prayers to the Golden Sister.

An as-yet nameless male halfling rogue and long-time Flotsam resident

6th Maius 1745

The PCs are drinking in the Fat Grouper, Flotsam’s inn, in the afternoon. El’em hires Ashna, an urchin, to be his guide for one silver solidus per day and gives her three gold bezants to take to a scribe to have posters made up advertising his services as a magical repairman. Ashna tells the PCs that a robed Sahasran is looking for a band of bold adventurers and will meet them at the Black Dolphin’s Wake that evening. The details of her story seem a bit vague.

The party also talk to Glyn Merryfield, the pub’s miserable halfling landlord, and Tew Pennyfeather, its resident musician (another halfling). They learn that the witch Jagadamba sells rituals and potions, and that the Black Dolphin’s Wake is infested with rats, but neither halfling can tell them much about tattoos with two crossed scimitars.

An hour before dusk, Girish and Shivji, Ashna’s friends, arrive in two rowboats to ferry the PCs to the dockside. There, a netmaker they know, Sethos, is being beaten up by a gang of enforcers from the Dockside Crew led by an oily-looking halfling named Cyrus. The PCs intervene, killing most of the thugs but Cyrus manages to escape. Sethos is very grateful and Riyad, the landlord of the Black Dolphin’s Wake, who has seen the whole thing, is also impressed. The PCs, he says, seem just like the type of bold adventurers he’s looking for.....

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