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El'em Terazz

Here's evilmonkey8472 's character in the Black Horse Parsantium campaign which kicked off last night. I'll post the session log and xp for the players' eyes only later this week.

Brought up in the town of Siwal, City of Gardens, El’em was known as an impetuous trouble maker who often tested his parent’s limited patience. In order to try and channel his energies and learn some self discipline they hired a mage to tutor their son in magic.

This had some success in keeping him occupied but caused even greater problems when his temper flared since he now had magic at his fingertips.

A few months ago a sacred book of rituals was stolen from the Mosque of Zann. El’em’s tutor offered his apprentice's services to track down the book and as a final ‘test’ of his skills. El’em leapt at the chance to prove himself and to the great relief of his family, his tutor, and the general population of Siwal, left of his first adventure!

El’em expected his first adventure to be wrapped up in a few days, before moving on to something more worthy and exciting. But tracking the book has proved difficult and he is having his develop self control, patience and diplomacy in order to find leads as to its whereabouts. But his still tempestuous and abrasive nature has got him in a few scrapes and was during one of these that the Swordmage (z45tu7 ) came to his aid. Since then they have struck up a friendship and have joined forces to track the book.


As is typical of Genasi, El’em has great ambitions and a great impatience to achieve them. Quite simply he aims to become the greatest Genasi wizard that has ever lived!

Like many of his Stormsoul bretheren, El’em is inclined to great rages that often end in violence. He often struggles against his nature but secretly revels in unleashing power and destruction.

Neither good, nor evil, El’em is so focussed on his own ambitions that he often fails to see the consequences of his actions, or chooses not to.

El’em has little respect for nobility since in Genasi culture a person is judged solely on their own achievements, not those of their ancestors. He acknowledges law and order as a necessary evil but is loathed to have control exerted over him. He is by nature rebellious and will contest the status quo.

El’em is naturally proud of his Szuldar, (birth patterns) and wears clothing that exposes these. As is normal for a Stormsoul he has purple skin and his Szuldar glow with an electrical brightness.

Since travelling along the coast of the Corsairs Sea he has developed a strong affinity for the sea and its stormy and unpredictable nature. He senses this taps into basic inner urge, perhaps the first signs of another manifestation he will develop.
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