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Here's what happened in yesterday's game. There were four PC/NPC deaths this session - Garth, Slasher and Nurn x2 - but Grey was able to fix three out of four with revivify.

Each PC gets 5,000 xp each which should be enough to bring Grey, Kadia, Kal & Slasher up to 20th level!

Next session: Ashardalon!

17th Wealsun (contd)
The PCs prepare for the upcoming battle by casting ghost touch armour, ghost touch weapon and align weapon on their gear. Then they advance into the room ahead where four soulsippers attack. Slasher and Garth, both armed with unholy weapons, are in the vanguard and both end up dead in short order: Slasher loses 21 points of Constitution, Garth loses 13 points. Grey casts revivify to bring Slasher back from the dead but can’t help Garth. With two of the energons destroyed (they explode when killed!), Nurn volunteers to hold back the others long enough for the rest of the party to teleport away, back to the room where they killed the red dragon Paraselson.

Grey heals Slasher and Kal teleports everyone back in. Nurn has dropped one of the soulsippers but soon falls to the last remaining one. Slasher and the others are able to finish it off as Grey saves Nurn with revivify. After the battle, the PCs loot the dragon’s bones, finding yet another ring of positive energy protection. Grey casts true resurrection to bring back Garth who holds the record for most deaths in the shortest space of time.

Kadia, Myrtle and Rover scout ahead, spotting an armoured skeleton sitting under a crystal tree in the other chamber off the entrance. They decide to leave this alone and continue round anticlockwise to the next room where they spot two gargantuan, worm-like crystal screamers. Caution being the better part of valour, they head back to the others to report. Rest.

18th Wealsun
Return to the room with the skeleton of the orcish paladin of Pelor. Loot the body, taking his armour, bow and other gear. Identify his sword, Dragonhammer, the horn of goodness and major circlet of blasting. Head into the next room and defeat the two crystal screamers.
In the chamber beyond, the PCs spot two huge manta ray-like energons as well as two vrocks desperately trying to avoid being spotted by the spiritovores. Withdraw via teleport when the energons (soulmarauders) attack and drain Constitution from Slasher and Nurn. Rest and learn spells.

19th Wealsun
Scry, buff and then teleport back into the room, close to the two vrocks. The soulmarauders attack: one goes for one of the vrocks, the other attacks Nurn, killing him. Grey saves Nurn yet again with revivify as Garth is able to take down the energon. Slasher, meanwhile, kills one vrock as the second is killed by the soulmarauder when it tries to escape. As the surviving spiritovore moves towards the PCs, a strange four-armed figure appears. This is “The Gardener”. He (?) drives off the soulmarauder and tells the PCs he is relying on them to remove Ashardalon from the Node. The PCs are now attuned and able to enter the central area to confront Ashardalon!


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