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Bastion of Broken Souls Session #8

Here's what happened in this afternoon's game. I thought we'd get more than one combat encounter done but the deathdrinker demon was tougher to kill than I thought he would be!

Each PC gets 3,252 xp which should get everyone close to 20th level (and maybe even get one or two PCs there already).

16th Wealsun
Nurn spots a red figure sitting in a crystal tree so the PCs head that way. The source of the pipe music is Oyalui, a half-dragon/half-satyr who says he is the son of Ashardalon. After spending time in the Bastion and talking to the “gardeners”, he says he realises that Ashardalon does not belong here and must be stopped from feeding on preincarnate souls. Oyalui guides the party back to the group of eight rooms around the Node (where the great wyrm is) and explains that the PCs need to “attune” to each chamber before they can cross into the central room.

The PCs head to the right from where they defeated Paraselson into a room guarded by demons from their makeshift tower built from crystal trees. Myrtle tries to negotiate with the fiends but fails and battle ensues. Nurn kills a vrock with implosion; two other vulture demons cough up spores at Slasher and Nurn, while three more join in a dance of ruin. Kal blocks off the battlefield with a wall of force but is dismayed when a deathdrinker demon teleports in behind the party and attacks him, nearly severing his head with his vorpal sword and reducing him to 3hp! As the others manoeuvre behind the wall, a glabrezu teleports in; Garth hits him but loses 3 points of Strength to the demon’s unholy aura. The deathdrinker teleports into melee and attacks Kal again, then kills Myrtle which has the unwelcome effect of healing the demon and making him stronger (“Glory in Slaughter”). Fortunately, Grey is able to get to Myrtle in time to cast revivify and Kadia uses abundant step to remove herself and the rogue from the area. Meanwhile, Garth, Nurn and Slasher continue to battle the deathdrinker who is very hard to damage. Eventually Nurn finishes the demon off but the battle is not over: more vrocks, a second glabrezu and finally the balor teleport in behind Kal’s wall of force to attack the party.
The fight rages on until just the balor and one glabrezu survive. The glabrezu casts reverse gravity to dump four PCs on the ceiling but the balor fails to implode first Kadia and then Slasher. Frustrated, he teleports back to the top of the tower and shouts “What would it take to get you lot to fuck off?” Kal seizes the opportunity to parley and the PCs agree to leave the room as soon as they have attuned. They stand for a minute or so behind the wall of force and then return the way they came.

Grey casts lots of healing spells and then the party rests.

17th Wealsun
Myrtle and Rover scout ahead, heading clockwise into the next room. Here, they see the loose-skinned corpses of several vrocks amidst a dense grove of crystal trees. Worrying about running into more spiritovores, the PCs decide to retrieve the deathdrinker’s unholy vorpal sword and return to the room with the demons' tower. The glabrezu growls at them from the top of the structure but doesn’t stop them grabbing the weapon or the deathdrinker’s +6 belt of giant strength. From here, the PCs head anti-clockwise into the next room, then into the one beyond where they recognise the remains of a dead red dragon. This is the room where they encountered the soul sippers. With caution being the better part of valour, the PCs head back into the corridor to cast spells in preparation for a fight….

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