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Races of Parsantium: Dragonborn & Gnolls

I'd been wondering about how to fit the dragonborn into Parsantium and really wasn't sure if I wanted to include them despite thinking all the 4e PH races should be available. Then I read the excellent Ecology of the Dragonborn article in Dragon #365 and decided they would fit in very well indeed.

Parsantium's Dragonborn
The dragonborn and the tieflings originate in the southern lands, far from Parsantium. Here their two ancient empires clashed and ultimately fell into ruin. The clan (a federation of allied families) is important to dragonborn; many living in Parsantium are members of the Moonscale clan and live in the same residential district in the Emerald Ward near the Victory Gate. At the heart of this community is the clan hall – a tradition carried on from their ancient homeland.

Some of Parsantium’s dragonborn are paladins serving in the Platinum Knights of Bahamut, others are wizards and sorcerers (some belonging to the Esoteric Order of the Blue Lotus). Many more are jewellers, gemcutters, smiths or minters; there are several fine shops selling dragonborn-made jewellery in the ward.

Gnolls have been part of the city from the start. For some reason, I've always thought they were cool. Imagine my joy at seeing Playing Gnolls in Dragon #367. This is a great article containing lots of background stuff as well as rules of playing a gnoll including feats. I'm hoping someone is going to play a gnoll when the campaign gets going.....


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Sep. 27th, 2008 04:44 pm (UTC)
Don't know yet. I haven't seen the FR Player's Guide but I'll make a call when I've got hold of a copy. I want to make sure things fit the flavour of the setting more than anything. There won't be warforged, for example.
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