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Last Monday was the last session of the Kaidan campaign for a while as ninthcouncil is moving to Amsterdam (or possibly Biggleswade) in the near future and didn't want to start a long story arc that we weren't going to finish. Only me, lucybrant  (plus guest player Not-Hastings-Pub Chris) and rmfein were there so we we were a bit short-handed. Anyway, this is what happened....

We spent some time discussing the mystery of the tapestries in the village we'd saved last week but couldn't figure out what was going on. I decided that tapestries and Horse Kings had absolutely nothing to do with my quest in Kaidan (or any of the other PCs' missions either) so we resolved to head downriver in the morning with our captive Mao the Tillerman at the, well, helm of our boat. We went to bed but our sleep was rudely interrupted by tales of a fire in the night in the distance. Maybe because we weren't really awake, we decided to investigate right away, taking Kizzlebosh and the rather unfortunately named Doo the Druid with us.

We headed through the woods to find a village on fire, surrounded by cavorting goblins. Now 4th level, I tried out my Hatchling's Flame power, sending fire from the end of my scimitar into the little bastards and scorching them nicely. I'd also picked up the Mobiilty feat which allowed me to run around the battlefield and being missed by the resulting Attacks of Opportunity thanks to my super-high AC! However, my dice-rolling was as bad as usual and I managed to drop my sword while fighting a particularly annoying goblin wearing a silly conical hat. This was in fact Snig the Axe. Eventually we managed to finish them all off and rescue the small boy who'd been hiding in the bushes. Apparently the goblins had been looking at the tapestries in the village before they torched the place....

The rest of the villagers were nowhere to be seen so we followed some tracks which led to a goblin camp. Again, my Hatchling's Flame worked pretty well, frying a few gobbos, Chow shot one with his crossbow (he's not very good at spellcasting!) and Barbara and Kizzlebosh killed the others. We rescued the captured villagers who told us that the village of Soo Ki has a very old tapestry. Perhaps this is the one all these bad guys are interested in although it's weird they're all so keen on weaving. I guess this is where we'll be heading in Kaidan Part II.


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Sep. 23rd, 2008 04:26 pm (UTC)
I think the possibility of me moving to Amsterdam at any time soon is vanishingly small, to Biggleswade nil. First stop, Walthamstow! (Or, possibly, Leyton, if we're going to split hairs.)
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