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Parsantium's Slums

South west of Flotsam, the Dock Ward gets even more run-down as you enter the slums.

Here, wooden shacks have been built on top of other wooden shacks in a higgledy-piggledy fashion, creating tall and rickety-looking apartment blocks and tenements in which a family of 12 is often crammed into a single room with a simple stove to cook on and no sanitation. The streets and alleys are close together, with the top storeys of buildings on opposite sides often leaning in and nearly touching, making those walking below feel claustrophobic.

Beggars, many of whom are missing limbs or eyes, sit on street corners, their bowls stretched out to passers-by, and cheap prostitutes offer their bodies for copper coins. Gangs of desperate men skulk in the alleyways at night, looking for people less fortunate than themselves to rob. Disease is common, and the streets are full of flea-ridden cats and troops of mangy blue-bottomed monkeys hunting for something to eat. The whole district is smoky due to the fires, but the smells of food cooking (usually lentils or rice with some scraps of meat, fish or vegetables and a pinch of spice) does little to mask the stench of unwashed bodies and waste.

This part of the Old Quarter is under the control of the Bosses, greedy and independent petty crime lords, who own the tenements and shacks and prey on the weak. Orloch Scragmane is just one of half a dozen or so of these scumbags. The gnoll gangster is based in a rundown tenement building next door to a small chapel dedicated to Pelor run by Brother Jerome, a kindly cleric trying to do some good by running a soup kitchen for the needy.

Any comments or suggestions?


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Sep. 18th, 2008 08:24 am (UTC)
Parsantium ghetto
Angels with dirty faces...

A relative of Brother Jerome ends up working as a front man for the gnoll gangster and attracts a crowd of local hero-worshipping slum kids. Brother Jerome seeks to show the children that there is another way out of the ghetto.

Maybe one of the PCs comes from a similar background and is alighted on by Jerome as an alternative role (playing) model.



Sep. 19th, 2008 04:30 pm (UTC)
Re: Parsantium ghetto
Cool suggestions, although I'm not sure how many PCs would make a good role model for a pious, do-gooder cleric!
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