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Bastion of Broken Souls Session #7

Here's what happened in this afternoon's game in which there were three tragic PC deaths: Kal once and Garth twice!

Session xp: 4,198 xp for 19th level PCs, 5,512 xp for Garth.

14th Wealsun (contd)
Return to Gryrax using plane shift and then word of recall. Grey casts restoration on Garth and himself. Rest.

15th Wealsun
Buy and sell magic items. As the PCs head back to Kal’s apartment Garth realises someone is scrying them just before two balors teleport in and attack. Garth is killed by implosion but speedy Grey manages to get to him and cast revivify to bring him back just in time. On the next round, Kal is killed by the same spell. Meanwhile, the others attack the other balor in melee and kill it, causing it to explode, slaying the townsfolk still in the area. As the PCs close in on the one who’s entangled Grey in his flaming whip, it teleports away, leaving the PCs to explain themselves to the City Watch. Grey does (somewhat reluctantly) help put out the fires caused by the demons’ fire storm spell by using miracle to cast quench. Mr Slasher’s personal assistant Stenkel Vaughan appears and pesters him for a report on the PCs’ adventures in the Bastion.

Grey casts true resurrection to bring back Kal.

16th Wealsun

Return to the Bastion; Grey casts planar tolerance on everyone. Once inside, he casts protection from energy (fire) on Kal, Garth and himself, then the party heads into the white light and the chamber beyond where they run into the red dragon Paraselson and Myra the Dragonhearted (a female human cleric). Slasher and Grey arrive first, with the others appearing out of the light shortly afterwards. Slasher and Kadia run up to attack Myra first, killing her easily while Paraselson uses his fiery breath. Thinking the dragon is Ashardalon, Myrtle calls out the words she learned from Semphelon to activate the power of Dydd but nothing happens! Garth goes into close combat with the dragon and ends up fried to crisp when the dragon breathes again while Garth is in his mouth!

When the dragon is slain, Grey casts yet another true resurrection to bring Garth back. After the PCs have searched the bodies, they head straight ahead, entering the next room and then pressing on ahead into the two rooms beyond that one. From here they head out of one of the exits to the right and then go clockwise into the next room where they are attacked by two crystal screamers. Despite the huge crystalline worms’ using their sonic attacks to destroy crystal trees and shower the PCs with the shards, the party are able to kill both gargantuan monsters without too much trouble. With the screamers dead, they can hear haunting pipe music…


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Sep. 8th, 2008 08:49 am (UTC)
Ahahahaha: "fried to crisp when the dragon breathes again while Garth is in his mouth".

Thank the gods (literally) for true resurrection! This adventure doesn't like to pull its punches, does it?

Sep. 8th, 2008 10:15 pm (UTC)
Re: Lethal
It's a tough adventure and is going to get tougher as you get closer to the end. Having said that, I don't think I've seen anyone manage to kill two PCs with implosion before.
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