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Enzo's Story

Graham has written the background story below for his character, Enzo, a Rogue 1/Sorceror 4 from the Lake of Steam region:

Enzo was born Gwennik Firs in the small city of Yhtill, a little to the
east of Yhep on the shores of the Lake of Steam. His father was a
hard-drinking leatherworker who liked to reason with his fists rather than
his wits. When Gwennik was 14, his mother became deranged and was carted off
to the madhouse; the youngster decided that he‚d rather not feel the
unrestrained wrath of his loutish sire, and ran away. A chance meeting with
a monk called Bogan led him to join a monastery, where he took the monk-name
Enzo, but before long he was thrown out. This was only partly as a result of
his insufficient self-discipline, for there were also a number of strange
incidents that made it clear that the youth was unwittingly developing a
wild arcane talent previously unrecognised.

Gwennik attempted to return home, half-thinking of confronting his father.
But when he returned to the Lake of Steam, he was astonished to discover
that he could not find his way to Yhtill - no-one seemed even to have heard
of it. Falling into a disturbed sleep on the lakeshore where his home town
should have been, he had a strange, vivid dream of a great city in the
throes of some vast festival, which seemed to be both by and on the lake,
with sky-piercing towers that appeared to rise behind the moon; but it was
neither Yhtill nor any other city which he knew. His dream-self blundered
through streets thronged with masked revellers, asking fruitlessly for news
of Yhtill, until an ancient crone seized his arm and said, "The Tattered
King has come to Yhtill, and it has become one with this place. You cannot
return there and keep your mind. This is Carcosa."

He woke bathed in sweat, despite the cool night, and took to his heels in
the direction of Yhep. Since then he has chosen to use his monk name, since
his past appears no longer to exist, and has been living on his wits,
developing his magical talents, unsure whether they have any connection with
the bizarre fate of his home city. He has attempted to make enquiries about
Yhtill and Carcosa, but these have so far led nowhere. He suspects that
Carcosa is some form of planar anomaly which occasionally manifests itself
in the material, but his knowledge of this subject is very limited. Perhaps
he is mad, and Yhtill never existed in this world?

Enzo is a short man of average build, with shaggy dark hair and dark eyes,
who has a pronounced squint. He dresses in worn travelling clothes, and has
the appearance of not washing very frequently. In conversation, he tends to
speak rather cryptically, sprinkling his speech with riddles, aphorisms and
occasional outright nonsense. He is a somewhat contradictory character
since, despite the eccentricities of his behaviour and apparent lack of
respect for social standing, Enzo believes in the desirability of strong
social structure under a benevolent ruler, and has a strong aversion to
breaking the law. He is Lawful Good and worships Tyr, though he also
respects Mystra.
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