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Kaidan Session #13 Trouble Upstairs

After last week's session when we managed to deal pretty handily with the occupants of the hobgoblin fort's ground floor, this week it all went a bit pear-shaped. We were without our erratically behaved beguiler Serl (although I'm not sure that's actually a disadvantage) but it's safe to say we were more than capable of bringing trouble down on our own heads without him.

I crept upstairs to see what was up there (a bunch of hobgoblins) pretty quietly but maybe wasn't quite so quiet creeping back down again. However, it was Unk who blew our cover. The two of us crept back upstairs and then, after a long debate about the correct definition in English, American-English and Spanish of the word "corner", Unk swung round the corner (el rincon) from where we couldn't be seen to a position in which a large ape is pretty fucking obvious. I charged into battle like a desert sirocco, only to be attacked by two hobgoblins I hadn't realised were in the side passage as well as the two I had seen. I was promptly reduced to 1 hp, but at least I got to kill one in retaliation with my Fire Riposte! I retreated straight away to the stairs where Ani, our peg-legged cleric, was able to heal me.

Meanwhie Barbara, Chao, Master Peng (aristocratic bureaucrat NPC) and Kizzlebosh (sophisticated lizardman NPC) joined the fray. Chao got down to cantrips fairly quickly and even had to resort to firing his crossbow at the enemy! For a scary moment, we thought Barbara was dead at the hands of the impossible-to-hit hobgoblin captain but Jeff got off the phone to Bruce Dickinson in the nick of time and made a crucial attack, killing the captain and meaning Barbara couldn't be dead after all. Huzzah! At this point Chris remembered Ani could cast bless....

The captain's death turned the tide of the battle from potential TPK to glorious victory and pretty soon 9 hobgoblins and one annoying kobold sorcerer were dead at our feet. Thankful to be alive, we looted the bodies, drinking every potion that looked like it might cure wounds (most of them did thankfully).

I'm now agonizing close to 4th level and can almost taste the power....

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