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Here's what happened in Monday's marathon session:

15th Uktar
Teleport back into the Banewarrens. Enter the Prison Entrance and set off the slamming rock trap. From here, the PCs can hear sounds of fighting: the Church of Torm’s delvers are in battle with Vallacor the lich. Two are dead, one is encased in a bead of force; the other two – Kalerecent and a female paladin (Sharah Nestor) – are in melee. The PCs go to help but Avach hangs back due to his emnity with the Church over the sword of lies. Lyman inflicts a critical hit with scorching ray and Alessandra casts searing light to finish off the undead sorcerer fairly easily but not before he kills Nestor with night’s caress. Afterwards, Avach argues with Kalerecent.

Karim triggers the poison green dust trap and is blasted by lightning in the Malfunctioning Corridor. Enter the chamber to the west and feed the xorn with treasure to get it to stop attacking. Karim picks up the one surviving gem. As they head back out, the doors in the dungeon close as someone attempts to seal the Banewarrens in a magical ritual. The PCs bash down a door to get back to the entrance but then all the doors open as the ritual fails.

Go through the secret door and up the stairs. Alessandra casts dark way and the PCs start to cross but are attacked by Navanna and two werewolves, one armed with the axe of previous wounds. As the party battle their old enemy, some banebrutes start heading across the force bridge to attack Karim. Alessandra casts blade barrier to cut them off and the party gang up on Navanna, killing her. The PCs recover the Banewarrens key and take Navanna’s stuff, then throw her corpse into the pit along with the axe of previous wounds.

Defeat the banebrutes on the stairs and enter the Antimagic Cave where Avach’s memory returns: he has been mentally programmed by the Inverted Pyramid to stop the Church of Torm getting the sword of lies. Because of the antimagic field, the PCs have to climb up to the next ledge: Avach goes first, Alessandra has some trouble but they all make it eventually. Kill some more banebrutes in the Cavern of Stairs, then head up the stairs and into Tremoc Korin, the Baneheart.

Kill the vrock at the bottom of the Central Core. Lyman and Karim fly invisibly up the shaft to the top, entering the Dread One’s Path through the hole and going inside a room with six strange looking helmets attached to the ceiling by wires. Then, they fly back down to check out various levels in the Baneheart, opening the door to the Hallway and failing their Will saves, ending up trapped inside the darkstar pendant with Darkstar the blue dragon. Meanwhile, Alessandra and Avach wonder what’s happened to the pair of them. They go into the small room off the empty vault and rest.

16th Uktar
Alessandra casts commune to try and find out what’s happened to Karim and Lyman. She casts summon monster to conjure a celestial giant eagle to carry her and Avach up the shaft. Head to the Hallway and inside; Avach is also trapped but Alessandra is able to free the other PCs and Darkstar. The PCs kill the dragon, attacking her while she’s still stunned, and then exit the room, leaving the pendant behind.

Lyman casts fly on everyone and the PCs head down to the level 120’ above the bottom. Loot the vrock’s nest. Karim gets shot by poisoned darts and nearly falls into a pit before being turned to stone by the door to the next room. Alessandra casts break enchantment to change him back to flesh and then the PCs enter the room holding the phylactery of forsaken souls. Karim opens the box, freeing the spectre which inflicts four negative levels on him before Alessandra destroys it on her third attempt.

• Alessandra & Lyman become 13th level, Avach becomes 11th level.


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Aug. 29th, 2008 11:14 am (UTC)
Karim had a pretty terrible time, didn't he? All those search rolls do get a bit tedious though! It was a great session nonetheless; looking forward to the next.
Aug. 29th, 2008 04:27 pm (UTC)
Yeah, there are a lot of traps in the Banewarrens so that means a lot of Search rolls. Of course, just when looking for them gets boring, that's when you blunder into a trap...

Edited at 2008-08-29 04:27 pm (UTC)
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