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Kaidan Session #12 Inside the Fort

A full house on Monday night and just as well, as we ended up in a big fight!

Unk, King of the Wall Climbers, sneaked up on the back door to the hobgoblin fort we'd come across last session and sneak attacked the kobold who had popped outside to empty the bins. We all went inside as the little idiot had helpfully propped open the portcullis for us. As we decided what to do, Serl turned himself into a hobgoblin and headed down a corridor where he ran into some off duty kobolds. Possessed yet again by the Scooby Doo/Fozzie Bear spirit, he was forced to talk rather than fight and was reduced to"diplomicizing" everything he came across including a big gnoll who thankfully knocked him unconscious.

Meanwhile, Unk, Barbara and I fought more kobolds and gnolls in the main corridor but couldn't get our positioning right, leading to some delaying on my part until there was room to get in. Behind us, Chao was cutting off thumbs probably -- what a weirdo!

With the enemies in front of us dealt with, we were able to head further inside and rescue Serl, restoring him to consciousness. I don't know if this was a good idea because when he came round he asked the surviving kobolds to take off their clothes.

That was where we left it -- I think ninthcouncil thought we were likely to get into another lengthy encounter. Two sessions have gone by and I still haven't used my cool new Fire Riposte power. Oh well, maybe next week....

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