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Here's what happened in last night's game:

14th Uktar (contd)

The PCs head past several vault doors to a large frost-covered room at the end of the corridor to the north. Here Lyman successfully resists a spell which appears in his head, trying to force him to cast it. If he’d done so, he thinks he would have released whatever was trapped in the pit in the centre of the room.

From here, the party head back round to the Vaulted Chamber upstairs and enter a huge room where Saggarintys the Silver King is imprisoned. Karim levitates up to the floating throne and the party examine the glass floor but cannot work out how to free the dragon. They open the door to the south and find the staircase leading down, and then open the door to a room with rows of small circular plates of gold, silver, bronze, iron, marble and wood fixed to the opposite wall. When first touched, Karim is struck by a magical force. He tries to disarm the trap and takes quite a lot of force damage from numerous failed attempts. Eventually Alessandra figures out how to open the lock and free Saggarintys. The PCs go back into the throne room where the dragon is awake, angry and disorientated. However, Alessandra is able to calm Saggarintys down and explains what’s been happening in the Banewarrens since its imprisonment and what the party is trying to do. The dragon asks the PCs some questions about what’s been happening; when it learns that some of the banes have been released it heads to the warding generator to check what’s been going on.

The PCs enter the magic fountain room and answer the statue’s question “What does it mean to be good?” to its satisfaction so it opens a secret door to the northwest. The party go through and climb the stairs, stopping at the ledge above the cave floor. With some of Alessandra’s spells depleted, the party decide to withdraw for now and Lyman casts teleport to take everyone back to their inn.

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