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Kaidan Session #10 Third Level - Huzzah!

We started Monday's game halfway up the mountain we got dropped on to by the roc in last week's session -- ninthcouncil has since revealed the adventure is based on venerable module UK 5 Eye of the Serpent (luckily, one of the three UK modules I haven't played or run).

With supplies running low, Barbara and me had to do some hunting and foraging to feed everyone. Fortunately we were successful, catching a solitary rabbit and finding some nutritious plants. On reaching an icy lake, we were all a bit nervous about walking across it and decided we ought to build a sledge of some sort. Serl, who had lost his freakish grin, summoned a three-headed dog to inspire him and then began talking in a hilarious doggy voice. Somehow, this helped him with his Craft: Sledge skill and we managed to get on to the ice, only to be attacked by lacedon ghouls. Chow managed to kill one and Ai Choo turned the other one so we were on our way again in short order.

We climbed down to the next tier of the mountain where there was another ruined village with nothing in the way of treasure. To the right was the "zombie farm" but we headed left to the little house of the screaming ghost. Unk headed across the causeway and climbed up on the roof. As nothing bad happened to him, I started walking towards the house, only to catch the ghost's hideous gaze and lose several points of Strength, Dexterity and Constitution. I signalled to Unk to come back and withdrew to the others but the deck ape stayed put.

Unk drew his newly acquired magic sword and attacked the ghost, leaving me no alternative but to come running over the causeway to help out. My attempt to leap over the gates didn't work out but I was able to get to the top and, from there, on to the roof. Meanwhile Serl appeared and cast obscuring mist over the battle. Although this stopped Ai Choo from trying to turn the ghost, it did make it harder for the restless spirit to hit Unk and allowed Chow to get in and attack with cure spells. With Barbara still at the end of the causeway refusing to enter the fray, it was left to me, Chong, to finish off the screaming ghost with my Clinging Shadow Strike.

Inside the building we found a friendly (strangely eloquent) wood-carving lizardmen named Kizzlebosh, and a skeleton bricked up in the walls. I was certain this was the body of the ghost and needed to be put to rest and was enraged to find Chow had removed and burnt its bony thumbs. I don't know who is worse -- him or Serl!

Anyway, we buried the body and it seemed to work -- we were able to rest here long enough to recover our ability damage. Before heading down further down the hill, we decided to check out the stone steps leading into the side of the mountain. After quite a lot of walking in the darkness, we emerged on a ledge with a stone building marked with the symbol of three trees around two hammers. We'll find out if there's anything inside next session.

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