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Bastion of Broken Souls Session #6

Here's what happened in yesterday's game. Garth gets 5,300xp; the others get 3,732xp.

14th Wealsun (contd)

After some deliberation, the PCs decide to teleport in amidst the demons waiting outside the Bastion and get Myrtle to open the portal with the soul totem. Unfortunately, the demons have other ideas and the PCs are soon embroiled in a big battle. The kastighur demons teleport away and then charge in, goring the PCs with their horned helmets while the nalfeshnee uses his smite power to daze everyone, including his own comrades, and Myrtle, who is frantically trying to open the doorway into the Bastion. Kal is stunned and then turned to stone, but Grey restores him to life by casting miracle. Eventually the PCs slay all the demons and Myrtle has the portal open. They don’t stop to rest but head straight into the Bastion.

Ahead, among the crystal trees, are four draconic creatures: a kobold/half-dragon, a huge chimera, an ettin/half-dragon and a dire bear/half-dragon. Nurn kills Po the kobold with a finger of death. Slasher charges Krushar the ettin, doing 80hp damage to it but goes down to -12hp when the ettin strikes him six times with its great axes! As Garth battles the chimera, Myrtle kills the ettin and Grey is grabbed by Grisly the half-dragon bear. Grisly’s bear hug does 81hp damage to the cleric and then slashes him with a claw, bringing him to -9hp. With the chimera finished off by Myrtle’s arrows, Slasher and Nurn flank the bear and kill it. 

The PCs search the demon’s sledge they’ve pushed inside the Bastion and then loot the half-dragon bodies. Two of the dragons are wearing strange “torture bracelets” but they can’t figure out what they are for. Grey casts discern location to try and find Ashardalon using one of the bracelets as a focus but the spell fails.

From here they head into the room to their left where they are attacked by four soulsippers, positive energy “energons”. These incorporeal outsiders have a deadly touch attack, draining Con from their victims. The PCs flee back into the entrance chamber and Kal teleports them all outside to the ledge. By the time they get out, Garth is on 2 Con and Grey is on 4 Con.

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