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Monument Valley & a long scenic drive

Today we left our cheap motel in Mexican Hat (far cry from the Bellagio!) and went on a jeep tour of Monument Valley where many classic westerns such as The Eiger Sanction and Back to the Future III were filmed. I came here years ago as a kid but had great memories of our visit and how impressive the place is. I was very pleased to find it just as amazing today - the scenery and the huge rock formations are absolutely stunning.
From MV, we drove back through Mexican Hat and then up a mountain on a gravel road that switchbacked its way up with an amazing view down into the valley far far below. At least Kate told me there was an amazing view - I was too busy watching the road very carefully! Once at the top, the road continued north through everchanging coloured rock formations and incredible vistas. For over 100 miles we must have seen only a dozen or so other cars. This kind of driving is making a welcome change from British motorways!



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Jul. 7th, 2008 02:15 am (UTC)
Might be better to wait until she's old enough to appreciate the scenery and/or complain about how many canyons you're visiting in one week.
I think you're right about us packing a lot in. It's been tiring but a lot of fun so far!
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