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New Flotsam Location: Shrine to Anwyn

N.B. The goddess Anwyn appears in Green Ronin's excellent Book of the Righteous and is one of the gods in the Batiaran pantheon.

Shrine to Anwyn

Anwyn is known as the Homely, the Blessed, Goodlady, the Firekeeper and the Lady of the Feast among other names. Her shrine (or hearth, as her temples are called) in Flotsam is on a boat and is a popular meeting place for the wives, daughters and young children of the local fishermen. The deck of the boat is dominated by a communal kitchen and dining area where naan bread and chapatis are baked and fragrant lentil soup simmers away on the stove. The women of Flotsam gather round, chatting about life in Parsantium, politics, the latest gossip and other matters, great and small. This is obviously great place for a female PC to find out information.

In the centre of the deck is the hearth-fire itself; in front of it is an altar arrayed with food, candles and wine. The manciple (priestess) is Goodmother Bree Eleri, a rotund, matronly halfling with rosy red cheeks. Kind and gentle, the Goodmother is a 9th-level cleric and knows the gentle repose, cure disease, raise dead and remove affliction rituals.

She is assisted by a young petitioner (1st-level cleric) called Hannah Megaris, also a halfling, from a village to the northwest of Parsantium named Nicasia.

This is likely to be where Flotsam-based PCs will go if they are in need of healing so will be an important location in the campaign.

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