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June Books

Again, only one novel this month but I have a good excuse -- 4e came out so I had three big books to read!

16. Empress by Karen Miller -- first in a trilogy, this novel has a compulsive if very scary central character, the "precious and beautiful" Hekat who becomes the empress in the title. Bloody and full of cruelty, I enjoyed this book and look forward with some trepidation to what happens in Book 2.

On the RPG front:

- 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons. I can't claim to have read these books from cover to cover but I've read nearly all the DMG, sections of the Player's Handbook and various monsters in the MM. So far, I'm impressed, particularly with the DMG which is full of good advice on encounter, adventure and world building.

- Pathfinder Classic Monsters Revisited. "Ecology of" articles for staple D&D monsters like the orc, goblin,bugbear and minotaur, in many cases reimagined by the writers as something quite different from how they've been in traditional D&D. I liked the sneaky bugbears best but there are plenty of cool adventure ideas in here.

- Pathfinder Chronicles Gazeteer. Disappointing to not see more on the distant land of Indian-flavoured Vudra, but this is a nice 64 page introduction to the world of Golarion, packed with flavour and adventure ideas.

- Pathfinder #9 Escape from Old Korvosa. Includes a great article about rakshasas, some Vudran monsters I can use in the Parsantium campaign, and an enjoyable adventure (the third part of the latest Adventure Path). The city part of the scenario was more fun to read than the second half which consists of a dungeon which is a bit pedestrian aside from an interesting moving rooms element.

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