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We played our third session of 4e & Keep on the Shadowfell on Sunday, getting through what Andy had described as one of the toughest encounters in the adventure: the kobold lair.

We managed to surprise and then deal with the bunch of kobolds outside pretty efficiently, making sure they didn’t warn the others behind the waterfall which then meant we could sneak up on the ones inside. Mord cast ghost sound to create a diversion and then we charged in through what seemed to be the least guarded entrance and one where we couldn’t be attached on too many fronts. Mord’s next spell was sleep which managed to knock out quite a few kobold minions, making it possible for Angus and Mignola to deal with the others in the central chamber while the spellcasters and Tilly hung back to make ranged attacks. When reinforcements arrived, we were ready although Mord ended up unconscious at one point and Mignola dropped to 3 hp when he ran over to fight Irontooth, the charming goblin leading the kobolds. Irontooth had over 100 hp so took some time to kill but eventually we were victorious, discovering that the huge piles of treasure drawn on the battlemat were a great example of artistic license and in fact, the treasure all fitted in one small chest.

After our great victory, we headed back to Winterhaven to see Lord Podrick and report. A note we’d found in Irontooth’s chest pointed us in the direction of a ruined keep and also mentioned a spy in the village. We’ve met five or six villagers out of 900ish – the spy is bound to be one of these but who?

From a game system point of view, we're getting the hang of our characters and what they can do, and even managed to use a few tactics. So far, I'm pretty impressed with 4e. And guess what? It feels like D&D when you play it. And it's fun!


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Jun. 18th, 2008 09:12 am (UTC)
Well done
....for finishing off the kobolds outside so quickly, because if one had managed to get inside and warn the others you'd have been dealing with Irontooth, the wyrmpriest, the dragonshields plus the skirmishers and minions at the same time and things would have been very different.

I'm rather regretting being cautious with the kobold tactics at the beginning to give what I thought was a decent chance. Maybe I overdid it? Maybe I won't make that mistake again? ;)

Oh, and Lord Padraig is very offended that you have spelt his name phonetically and is considering reducing the fee on offer due to your impertinence. :)

Jun. 18th, 2008 07:35 pm (UTC)
Re: Well done
Hmmmm, I didn't think it was easy though, so you probably did the right thing. We have got two novice players in the party too! You don't want to put them off D&D, do you?

As for Lord Podders, I don't know what his problem is - we've shown him all the respect he deserves!

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