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4th Edition

I played my first session of 4e tonight with kb98, playing through the first encounter of Keep on the Shadowfell, run by Andy and involving a fight with a bunch of kobolds. It took us all a while to get used to our characters and their various powers, made worse because I was playing two PCs: Lucan the half-elf cleric and Mignola the tiefling warlord. I'm off to pick my books up from Orc's Nest tomorrow but got to have a look at Andy's this evening: the layout and design looks very crisp and the Monster Manual seemed, at first glance, to contain most of my favourites from previous editions with some great art. So far, so good....

I really don't want to sign up for D&D Insider but I do like the sound of this:

Dungeon Magazine Announces New Adventure Path

The Elsir Vale has known a decade of peace following the rise of the Red Hand. The valley, as well as the town of Brindol, has flourished after adventurers defeated the threat posed by the hobgoblin armies. But now, from out of the hills to the north, a new threat has emerged. Natives of Brindol have been abducted, and the town’s war museum—dedicated to those fallen in the war against the Red Hand—has been raided and desecrated.

Meanwhile, beyond the Vale, the rumbling rumors of more trouble have begun to surface. Warbands forming in the mountains… Monsters crawling forth from the dark bowels of the world… And people everywhere have begun waking up at night in a cold sweat, uncertain where their feelings of dismay and panic come from…

The Scales of War Adventure Path will premiere in Dungeon #156, July 2008, with the 1st-level adventure “Rescue at Rivenroar,” by Wizards of the Coast designer David Noonan. Scales of War will continue each month in Dungeon, taking characters from 1st level all the way to 30th over the course of 18 adventures, spanning 18 months. This is the most ambitious Adventure Path in Dungeon’s history, and will take full advantage of the versatility of the new 4th Edition D&D rules. Support articles will appear regularly in Dragon, beginning with issue #366, August 2008.

Very tempting....

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