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Kaidan Session #5 The Cursed Island

After last session's shipwreck, our motley band of survivors made camp in a clearing in the jungle not far from the beach. Chow is a strange man, insisting on a fire even though this would be sure to bring trouble down on our heads. And it did..... as soon as we'd settled down to sleep, our missing former shipmates shuffled out of the sea and squelched up the beach, transformed into blue-tinged bloated zombies. They were hard to kill and I was forced to use the hilt of my scimitar as a club to do any real damage.

In the morning, I climbed a tree. We are not on Kaidan. On the plus side, Serl is still missing. He wasn't among the zombies and could still be alive.

After burning all the zombies and dead crewmen, we headed inland. I took point, scouting ahead but rolled badly on Spot yet again (I think I rolled '7' three times in a row) and missed an entire ruined village. There was something written on a scroll in one of the buildings about the island of Yanamu (one of the Arrow Islands). I think we've ended up on Iago's island by mistake.

Speaking of Iago, he is supposed to be good at talking to animals but so far the parrots etc haven't been very informative. We are also being watched by small men in capes.

Heading off again, with me back in the lead, we nearly blundered into a bear with horns wearing a dress and a normal-looking woman who introduced herself as Lady Kai. Apparently, the island is cursed and we're trapped here. It just gets better and better.

Not having anywhere else to go, we followed Lady Kai to her compound and accepted her offer of dinner and a bed for the night. Everyone here is strange-looking with animal features. She has a "daughter" called Dao Lin, a leopard-featured elf (?) called Feh Ling She and some very ugly servants. The curse turns everyone into these animal-like broken ones. What will it to do to me?

There is something not right about all this. We need to get out of here.
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