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Richard Green

May Books

Only one book this month which is pretty rubbish:

15. Adrian Mole and the Weapons of Mass Destruction by Sue Townsend. I don't think I've read Adrian Mole since True Confessions of .... in 1989 or so. This book was a reissue in the Penguin Celebrations series and I enjoyed it a lot, despite the number of times it made me cringe as Adrian acts like a doormat when faced with his dreadful girlfriend/fiancee and her gruesome parents. Some wry observations on Blair's Britiain at the start of the Iraq War too. Recommended.

I also read a few RPG supplements:

- Guide to Korvosa -- a great city supplement to accompany the Curse of the Crimson Throne adventure path. Lots of good ideas in here, many of which I'm swiping to put into Parsantium.

- Pathfinder #8 Seven Days to the Grave by F Wesley Schneider -- another really good city-based adventure with Korvosa falling victim to a terrible and virulent plague. Although I probably won't run this AP as written, again, I'll use some of this stuff in Parsantium. So far, Crimson Throne is better than Rise of the Runelords. Cool monsters in the Bestiary section too.

- Last Days of Constantinople -- this adventure from Avalanche Press came out quite a few years ago and was the first in the publisher's historical series in which most of the later modules had controversial cheesecake covers. Set in 1453 in the last days of the Byzantine Empire, this half-decent adventure is full of useful background information on the city and its rulers and other prominent citizens. Will obviously be very useful in helping me develop and describe Parsantium which is the main reason I bought the pdf.
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