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Bastion of Broken Souls Session #5

Here's what happened in today's game. Everyone should have gone up a level -- don't forget you all get a feat!

26th Flocktime (contd)
The PCs cast death wards and planar tolerance, then head through the doorway into Desayeus’s prison. Talk to the Faithful, the former god’s lillend servants, and reassure them that they are not here to kill Desayeus (although Kadia says “I thought we were”). Head into the titan’s chamber. Desayeus explains how he came to be imprisoned here but refuses to hand over the soul totem, even when he’s told “it’s for the good of humanity!”

Desayeus attacks as the PCs fan out. He sunders first Slasher’s sword and then Garth’s, and casts quickened chain lightning spells at Kal. Kal casts wall of force to keep the Faithful out of the room. Myrtle tumbles into melee so everyone is flanking, thanks to the party’s Superior Flank teamwork ability. Desayeus, badly wounded, casts fire storm as his final action, frying the hapless Garth who had fled from the battle on 7 hp. Kadia, subject of a blood wind spell, attacks Desayeus again and delivers the killing blow. Kal drags Garth’s body towards Grey so the cleric can reach him in time to cast revivify.

Search the room, finding gems scattered in the dirt. Teleport to the entrance and leave via the doorway, taking Desayeus’ warhammer and armour and the soul totem. Plane shift back to Gryrax.

27th Flocktime   
Sell Desayeus’ warhammer and half plate at Maldin & Elenderi’s. Garth and Slasher buy new swords, Kal buys a runestaff of power. Garth is given a warning by Provost-Marshall Enrik Valgard of the City Watch for his antics in the Inky Quill.

Later, while out shopping, the Cathezar attacks. Grey casts holy aura which blinds the Cathezar when she strikes the PCs. This makes her easier to hit and this time the party are able to take her down. Both Garth and Grey try to cast dimensional anchor to stop her retreating but in the end Myrtle is able to knock her unconscious with several sneak attacks from her bow. Garth cuts off the Cathezar’s head which Slasher takes to the Headhunters Club as his latest trophy (bringing his affiliation score to 13, making him a Gem Hunter). Enrik Valgard and the Watch turn up, thanking the party for dealing with the demon without damaging the city, but also interested in knowing if the PCs are likely to attract any more extraplanar attention. Myrtle puts on the Cathezar’s “blood mark” necklace – it points at her.

28th Flocktime – 13th Wealsun   
Kadia has the holy quality added to her flying butterfly sword; Myrtle has evil outsider bane added to her shortbow. Kal, Garth and Grey research the Positive Energy Plane and the powers of Darsam-tor-ews.

14th Wealsun   
The PCs get ready to leave for the Bastion of Unborn Souls. Stenkel Vaughan, a young and green adventurer, who is “Mr Slasher’s” personal assistant, comes round to chronicle the beginning of their great adventure. “We’ll be back in a few hours I should think,” says Slasher.

Nurn reappears and comes clean as a servant of Hethradiah (Demogorgon’s other head) and a death slaad. Cast planar tolerance and head to the Positive Energy Plane. After some confusion on how to control their movements, particularly from Slasher, Kal and Myrtle, the PCs arrive at the Bastion where they can see a huge retriever and several demons at what appears to be the entrance.
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