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Here's the account of last night's game. We need to get moving if we're going to finish The Banewarrens before 5th Edition comes out!

14th Uktar
Teleport back into the Banewarrens, to the room with the lammasu statue. Alessandra casts death ward on Lyman and Avach and they go into the room where they battle the spectres, then into the room beyond. The three spectres appear but are dealt with easily. Afterwards, Karim finds some pages from a prayer book tucked inside the peeling plaster.

Head south into the Hall of Statues and then into the Warding Sanctuary. Here, the PCs run into Thamas and Erieta: an elf woman with a scimitar and a man in robes. Remembering the notes they’d found in the Pactlords’ HQ in the Quaan, they decide to be cautious and ask the pair if they would subject themselves to being searched. In response, the man starts casting a spell and the elf shapechanges into a male frost giant and attacks. The frost giant is nearly taken down by attacks from Karim and Avach and a flame strike from Alessandra and finished off by chain lightning from Lyman. When it dies, it turns into a blob of multicoloured goo, presumably its natural form. The spellcaster has fled to the balcony and disappears by turning the dial on a small metallic device.

In the corridor to the south, Karim is enthralled by the multicoloured light reflecting from the floor and walls. Alessandra isn’t affected so checks the door to the east: beyond are two vault doors. One is open and sickly grey fog is leaking out. She opens the gold and silver doors to the south [26] and triggers a harm glyph which reduces her to 1 hp. Karim tries to disable it, but sets it off too, reducing him to 2 hp. Lyman casts knock and the PCs enter the room: ahead is another vault door.

• Session xp: 1,200 xp each; 2,712 xp for Avach.
• Avach becomes 10th level.

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