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The Kaidan Campaign - Session #3

rmfein was there on Monday night, but his shugenja character didn't get involved in the action, turning down the opportunity to attend Kang Hong's equivalent of a Ku Klux Klan rally. Can't think why!

After Shang’s warning we decided to leave the Golden Eel as soon as we could and returned to the Yen compound where we learned the halflings had arranged passage for us on the Lark Song. Serl asked “will we be travelling as super cargo or as deckhands?”. I think he may not be quite right in the head.

We met up with Monkey Boy again who formally introduced himself as Unk Terry Grace. Hadozee names are certainly strange, as are nearly all of my new companions. Bar seems the most normal so I was glad she decided to come with me to see Jo Yang while the others went to the docks. Serl rubbed some charcoal on his face to dirty it as they set off. Why does he do these strange things?

Jo Yang turned out to be Zhao Yang, from the same clan of Kiga-worshipping black panther litorians as my arch-enemy Zhao She! He was at pains to point out that he is no friend of Zhao She and left the tribe to come here where he owns a weaponcrafter’s shop. Yang told me I might find masters of the Sublime Way among the litorians living on the east of Kaidan. He has many fine weapons in his shop but unfortunately I only have 109 gp. On the way to meet the other I told Bar the story of the feud between the Lin and Zhao tribes in the Verdant Expanse, and of my failure to defeat Zhao She in a duel of honour. She seems to understand my quest and why I must follow the path of the Nine Swords.

We met up with the others outside the Golden Tavern which had a good view of the hall where the racist priest, Wilbrahim, was going to speak. Unk and I waited outside while the others went in. There were three half orcs also waiting and watching, and we saw Ben’s girlfriend go inside. When the priest finished his talk, she came outside and dropped a handkerchief. The half orcs leapt into action but so did me and Unk. I followed two of them while Unk went after the third.

The racist priest came outside and the half orcs attacked him. I charged into combat, using my blade magic to little effect and ending up unconscious after being hit by a critical hit for 12 hp. Serl was already out for the count by this stage, along with Ben’s girl. “The Dragon will rise!” shouted one of the half orcs before running off after killing Wilbrahim. Iago brought me round using his wand and I chased off after Bar. Unk and Bar were fighting the half orcs down in the sewers and took out two of them. I leapt down the manhole and killed the third. With our enemies dead, we ran to the ship, taking the surviving half orc with us to interrogate. We found out he was hired to kill Wilbrahim (no news there) and then got the halflings to help us get him off the ship.

I won’t be sorry to leave this town.


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May. 20th, 2008 09:06 pm (UTC)
The path of peace
I think this may be my first ever character that has progressed a level without killing anything in the process!

PS Now that Serl has gone up a level, Georg can start to torture himself on possible progression routes.
May. 20th, 2008 10:43 pm (UTC)
Re: The path of peace
And you haven't even taken the Vow of Non-Violence or whatever it's called!
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