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The Forest of the Dead

Here's a write up of Parsantium's cemetery:

Known as the Forest of the Dead, Parsantium's walled cemetery is situated to the south east of the city and is filled with cypress trees under whose branches stand thousands of tombstones and mausoleums. The oldest part of the cemetery is the Sahasran part, but there is an Akhrani section and a Batiaran section too, as well as a small Tiangaon area; each with its own style of tomb architecture. For example, white marble Akhrani tombstones are typically surmounted with a curved turban if the deceased is a man but ornamented with a palm branch for a woman. Some Batiaran graves (from a custom dating back to a period several hundred years ago) depict the manner of death of whoever is buried below. Visitors can come across tombstones with bas-reliefs depicting men being decapitated in battle or crucified or hanged from the gallows for a capital crime.

Because it was traditional to plant a cypress tree beside the grave, the Forest of the Dead lives up to its name: hundreds of turtle doves are on the wing or perching in the numerous trees by day; by night, bats and owls fill the skies undisturbed. In the day time, the Forest of the Dead is a favourite resort of Akhrani women of the Old Quarter; some of them can often be seen praying at the narrow opening to the tomb of a parent, husband or brother. The cemetery is patrolled by the City Watch during the daytime but at dusk, it becomes off-limits and the gates are locked. Nevertheless, many individuals hold clandestine meetings at night within its walls.

Beneath the cemetery are endless catacombs and tunnels, which have been expanded over the years to accomodate the bones of the dead, and also by monsters such as ghouls and umber hulks. The catacombs are a major part of the Hidden Quarter and are used as meeting places, bases and homes by criminal gangs (including the Golden Scimitars, assassins and thuggee), monsters, and necromancers. The tunnels connect with those under the Old Quarter.

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