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Red Hand of Doom #32 Final Session

Here's what happened in yesterday's final game. It's been a very enjoyable campaign!

7th Eleasias (contd)
With Enzo unconscious and Fabius under the spell of the attractive erinyes, Johan moves close to Avatea and the party dimension door to safety. Enzo is healed and there is some deliberation about whether to continue with the attack on the High Wyrmlord now or after resting. Fabius offers to go back in and speak to the two devils but the others decline his offer. Head back down the mountain and rest. Avatea has another bad night’s sleep, losing another point of Consitution and another spell slot.

8th Eleasias
Enzo and Avatea both cast dispel magic from scrolls on Fabius to try and remove the erinyes’ charm – both fail. Cast protective spells, drink potions of invisibility, and teleport back into the Inner Sanctum. Johan charges in to attack the High Wyrmlord while Ager goes to fight one of the abishai who is up on the balcony. Fabius is still charmed so heads for the balcony and stays invisible. Enzo casts dancing web to entangle Azarr Kul and one of the erinyes. The second abishai swoops down to strike Avatea but fumbles his attack. Both erinyes throw their ropes at Johan but are unable to entangle him. Still at large, the Jade Phoenix Mage strikes down the High Wyrmlord with his blade magic, doing a total of 75 points of damage with a full attack.

As Azarr Kul falls to the floor, the swirling vortex of energy above thunders and rumbles with power. The roof is swept away and the winds of Hell itself sweep through the chamber as Tiamat’s massive blue head darts down with lightning speed, swallowing Azarr Kul’s body with one effortless gulp. As this head pulls back into the infernal sky above, her other four leer down at the PCs and an unholy blast of divine retribution tears into the gap between planes, deafening Avatea and reducing Johan (who is standing on the raised platform) to 8 hp with acid, cold, electrical and fire energy damage. The abishai and erinyes are reduced to piles of wet corruption but an Aspect of Tiamat manifests into the centre of the room.

Ager moves to attack the Aspect of Tiamat in melee as Johan flees down the shaft to heal himself. Avatea tries to cast a spell to protect herself from acid but she miscasts due to her deafness. Enzo flies above the creature, casting dancing web as a ray and Fabius sneak attacks it. The dragon breathes cold on Avatea and attacks Ager and Enzo with its other heads and its wyvern-like tail. Fabius tries to hide but the Aspect has five pairs of eyes so this is much harder than usual for the halfling. Avatea retreats down the shaft out of harm’s way as Enzo casts ray of dizziness on the dragon, restricting it to one action per round; it responds by breathing a line of electricity at the sorcerer which knocks him down unconscious. Dying, Enzo feather falls to the floor of the room but Ager is able to deliver the killing blow to Tiamat’s servant.

The room goes quiet as the party wait to see what happens next. When nothing does, they search the sanctum thoroughly: Fabius looks for treasure while the others look for ways out. Ager flies up to where the roof was to check they’re not in Hell – fortunately, they’re still in the Wyrmsmoke Mountains. Finding no secret doors after much searching, they head down to the temple below where Fabius finds one in the west wall.

Head into the corridor beyond, exploring the High Wyrmlord’s Quarters and the Summoning Chamber before Fabius finds yet another secret door leading to the Treasury. Ager charges the barbed devil standing at the far end of the room, triggering the Wall of Tiamat’s Wrath trap at the top of the stairs and taking lots of energy damage. Johan follows, also taking damage, as Ager is panicked by the barbazu and cowers in the corner. The devil grabs hold of Johan whose usual protective spells have worn off and impales him on his barbed spikes. The Jade Phoenix Mage casts benign transposition to swap places with Avatea, but the cleric also falls victim to the devil’s fear attack and ends up cowering in the opposite corner to Ager. Enzo comes through the wall trap, protected by energy spheres, and casts dancing web on the devil; Fabius dives through too to make sneak attacks from hiding. The barbazu advances on Enzo, grabs hold of him and impales him too. Johan has healed somewhat by now so charges through the wall to make a divine surge attack on the devil, doing enough damage to kill it. He kicks the puddle of ichor the devil dissolves into in anger (or in triumph) and smears some of the gunk over his face.

With the devil out of the way, Fabius is able to get down to the serious business of searching for traps and opening the five coloured chests. He doesn’t find all the traps and is blasted several times by different energy types but doesn’t take too much in the way of damage. After all the loot is stashed into Fabius’ bag of holding and various handy haversacks, the halfing disarms the wall of Tiamat’s wrath trap and the PCs leave. They try and find the elf princess, Laryssa, but she’s not in the kitchens. Leave and rest.

Avatea has nightmares again; she’s now lost 4 Con and three spell slots.

9th Eleasias

Teleport to Brindol and meet with Lord Jarmaath to report. Each PC is given a special magic item by the ruler of Brindol as a reward, and they are all offered land grants in Elsir Vale. Enzo tells the lord about Laryssa the missing elf princess.
Afterwards, Avatea goes to the Cathedral of Lathander where Morninglord Tredora Goldenbrow casts restoration on her to restore her lost Con. That night, Avatea dreams of the night hag riding on her back again; in the nightmare, the old crone turns into the elf princess – it appears Fabius was right about her after all.

Session xp: 6,500 xp for Enzo, 11,000 xp for Johan, 9,000 xp for the others.
• Johan becomes 10th level; Avatea, Ager & Fabius become 11th level.


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Apr. 28th, 2008 07:44 pm (UTC)
Oops, have fixed this.

Glad you enjoyed it!
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