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Two snippets about Parsantium

Haven't written any Parsantium posts for a while so here's a couple of little bits of info.

The symbol of the city is a leaping horse over a crescent moon like this:

On shields and flags, the horse and moon are in ivory against an imperial purple background. On the tabards of the City Watch, the colours are reversed. Now, if only I could draw the whole thing.....

Law and order is kept by the City Watch. There is one watchhouse in each of the eleven wards run by a Watch Captain who reports into the relevant tribune.

- Bells are mounted throughout the city – concerned citizens can ring these bells to summon the Watch, with a typical response time of 1-10 minutes (although it can take up to half an hour)*

- The quality of the Watch varies by ward but typically the best guards are in the Imperial Quarter and the worst in the Dock Ward. Attalus, Watch Captain of the Poor Ward is said to be in the pocket of the Golden Scimitars criminal organization.

- Watchmen wear chain shirts and Parsantine helmets; they are armed with halberds, longswords and light crossbows. The picture below shows what the helmets look like.

*cool idea borrowed from Ptolus

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