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Here's what happened in this evening's game:

13th Uktar

Sister Mara
sends a shadow sending to the PCs at the House of the Firehair, asking them to meet her at the House of the Dutiful. Go along there and speak to her about the sword of lies; Avach storms out, saying that Sister Mara has been duped by the forces of evil within the Church of Torm. Meet Jevicca Norr at the Ghostly Minstrel in Delver’s Square – she also tries to dissuade the party from retrieving the sword.

Teleport back to the Inner Vaults and head north from the entrance. In the room beyond a disgusting ooze (a fiendish corrupture) attacks, spraying acid over the PCs. Karim is able to kill it as it tramples on the party. Search the room; Karim finds a secret hatch in the ceiling. He levitates up there and then helps the rest of the party up. They examine the statue of a lammasu (which radiates magic) and explore an empty room nearby before heading east down the corridor to the north to a vaulted chamber. Then, Navanna Civulteq appears from a secret door to the east with her werewolf bodyguards. The PCs kill the werewolves but Navanna remains at a distance and sneak attacks Karim. Suddenly, three spectres appear in the room and start inflicting negative levels on Alessandra, Karim and Avach. Navanna disappears and the PCs decide to retreat too with Lyman casting dimension door to get everyone back to the entrance. Alessandra casts restoration on herself, then word of recall.

Head to the House of the Firehair to get everyone else restored.

• Session xp: 2,100 xp each; 4,388 xp for Avach.

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