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Let me tell you about my character....

Here's my new character' backstory, partly created using the Lifepath tables in Artesia which means lots of tragic events!

Lin Da Chong was born 25 years ago in Chiangang (the Verdant Expanse) under a blood red moon: a rare omen meaning the child would grow up to cause tumult and chaos wherever he goes. Chong’s parents had four other children: three girls (older than Chong) and one boy (younger).

When he turned 13, he became a pupil of Zhao the Wise, a tabaxi mystic and swordsage living deep in the jungle, who taught him the rudiments of the Tiger Claw school of blade magic and started him along the Sublime Way.

When Chong was sixteen, a bloody feud erupted among the forest litorians; the aggressive Zhao tribe were worshippers of a dark aspect of the huntress goddess Kiga, taking pleasure in hunting and killing for its own sake, rather than out of necessity. This brought them into conflict with Chong’s tribe who did not approve of their bloodthirsty ways. Violence ensued and two of Chong’s sisters ended up dead in the fighting. The apprentice swordsage swore an oath to avenge them by tracking down and killing Zhao She, the panther-like litorian responsible for their deaths. Zhao She fled and Chong spent several months trying to track him down to no avail.

As he travelled the lands still looking for his enemy, and continuing to perfect his fighting techniques with the axe and the kukri, Chong discovered a long-forgotten secret: the hidden location of the tomb of the legendary hero Chaghatai, rumoured to be full of an emperor’s ransom in treasure. Unfortunately for Chong, the fact that he knew this secret came to the attention of Dong Wan, a notorious thief, trickster and bandit who tried to prise the location out of Chong over several drunken nights in an inn high in the mountains. When this didn’t work Dong Wan stole all of Chong’s stuff and ran off; this was annoying to Chong but didn’t help the thief much – Chong hadn’t written the location of the tomb down. He went after Wan but the rogue was very good at evading pursuit; their paths have not crossed again as yet.

Chong’s trip to the mountains was not completely wasted however. Here he studied with the Zen Monks of Suryashama, learning the stance of clarity and the ways of the Diamond Mind discipline and experimented for a time with the weapons of that school: the rapier and the bastard sword. He also fell in love with Yintra, a beautiful litorian who was studying in the dojo. Their relationship didn’t last too long though – once Yintra had finished her training she left the school quite suddenly, leaving Chong a note that simply said “Sorry”.

Next, Chong travelled to the great desert to the west where he spent time with the Brotherhood of the Fiery Blades, a nomadic group of janni and air and fire genasi who taught him how to wield the scimitar and the blade magic of Desert Wind. Again, Chong found love, this time with a janni maiden named Fatima but she had been promised in marriage to another member of the Brotherhood and Chong’s heart was broken for a second time.

He returned to his forest home after eight years of wandering to find his old enemy Zhao She had come back and his tribe were again fighting with with the Zhao over territory and ancestral lands. Chong challenged Zhao She to a duel of honour to settle things. Having spent several years training in the ways of the swordsage, Chong was confident but he had underestimated the sheer brute strength and power of his hated opponent. He was defeated quickly and easily in front of both tribes, beaten and bloodied to within an inch of his life. The Chong tribe were shamed and had to concede prime forest territory to the black panthers of the Zhao.

When Chong had recovered from his wounds, he found to his astonishment that his father Qi was proud of him for trying to end the conflict, rather than angry at his failure to defeat Zhao She. Chong vowed to leave the forest, travel the world some more and hone his blade magic skills to perfection. When he is ready, he will return to confront and defeat his nemesis once and for all.

Lin Da Chong is a proud, honourable warrior. He makes friends and enemies for life. He is thoughtful and quietly spoken unless angered, when he becomes savage and brutal. His main goal is to understand the secrets of combat and perfect his mastery of the Sublime Way so he can return to the Verdant Expanse and defeat Zhao She. He loves the outdoors, good food and strong saki, and enjoys well-told stories.

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