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Bastion of Broken Souls Session #4

Here's what happened in this afternoon's game:

21st Flocktime (contd)
The PCs defeat the two sleep golems, helped by chain lightning cast by Grey and Kal to slow them, but not without one of them inflicting two critical hits on Slasher in the same round. Afterwards, the party are able to question the ugly, cackling, hag-like Dreamer Prime who tells them that they must seek the soul totem of the fallen god Desayeus in Pandemonium to gain access to the Bastion of Unborn Souls and stop Ashardalon from destroying more preincarnate souls. Return to Waybury, scry for Nurn and then teleport to Gryrax to meet up with him.

22nd Flocktime

Grey and Garth go to the Bishopric Library to research Pandemonium while the others go to get the latest report from Belios the sage. Kal teleports straight into his bedroom; although taken aback, Belios proudly updates the PCs on his latest discoveries, telling them nothing new. Kal fires him. Slasher, Myrtle and Garth buy magic items.

23rd Flocktime

Garth heads back to the Arcane Quarter and asks around the university for where the students hang out. Directed to the Inky Quill Tavern, he stands on the bar, brandishing his sword. He tells the male students to stand on one side of the pub and the girls on the other. Next, he casts enthrall, gives each woman 50 gp and tells them all to steer clear of “Professor Perv” (meaning Belios) in future. Then, he walks out the tavern and back to the others.

24th Flocktime

Grey casts planar tolerance to protect everyone, then plane shift to transport them all to Phlegethos on Pandemonium. They arrive in a windswept cavern and are attacked immediately by two death slaadi and three green slaadi. The death slaadi both cast implosion, killing Myrtle and Kal. Nurn responds with his own implosion spell, killing first one death slaad, then the other one and finally a green slaad. Grey casts revivify on Kal while the others go into combat with the other two green slaadi. Once the frog-like monsters are killed, the PCs follow three barmy petitioners to the town of Windglum. After some arguing at the city gates, they are allowed inside (although two guards are assigned to follow them round) and get rooms at the Scaly Dog Inn where they wash down their basilisk steak with Stygian Ale.

25th Flocktime

Grey casts true resurrection on Myrtle. Following directions from Hagus Gimcrack, gnome landlord of the Scaly Dog, the PCs find Eco and Bramam. Eco refuses to let them into Desayeus’ prison and advises them to petition their gods. Camp in the tunnel.

26th Flocktime
Grey casts commune and asks 18 questions in an attempt to get Ehlonna to petition the council of gods on his behalf and get Eco to let them pass. Twelve hours later a silvery-skinned argenach rilmani arrives via gate with new orders for Eco. The solar forms herself into a doorway, leading to the prison of Desayeus on Agathion.

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