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March Books

Bit pathetic this month, bringing my total up to eleven for the year.

10. Nothing to Lose by Lee Child -- not very good at all when compared to Bad Luck & Trouble. The ending in particular is very far-fetched. Can do much better than this.

11. Pies & Prejudice by Stuart Maconie -- I only really know Stuart Maconie from all those programmes like Top 100 Number One Singles on Channel 4 but this book was both a very funny travel writing book and a love letter to the North of England (which starts at Crewe). Lots of music references too which reminded me about bands I'd not listened to in a while. Highly recommended.

I also read three role-playing supplements:

- Cults of Freeport -- companion to Pirate's Guide to Freeport, chock full of Lovecraft-inspired cults (the Unspeakable One, Esoteric Order of Starry Wisdom, Yig) and others. Each has a selection of NPCs and a detailed location. Like a Pirate's Guide, there are no stats or rules stuff.

- Pathfinder #6 Spires of Xin-Shalast. Last part of the Rise of the Runelords adventure path, set in the Kodar Mountains (inspired by the Himalayas and complete with abominable snowmen) and featuring some cool ghosts and an atmospheric ruined city. I should be able to nick some stuff from this for the Parsantium campaign's Pillars of Heaven Mountains.

- Exemplars of Evil -- very enjoyable book of villains for D&D. The first chapter contains advice on how to create a good villain as well as villainous feats and spells; the rest of the book has a chapter for each sample villain plus his or her minions and lackeys and three detailed encounters. Not sure how much I'll use this with 4e on the horizon but there are some great ideas in here.

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