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New Location: Fahil's Floating Palace

Another Parsantium location. This one is adapted from Fahil's Flotilla of Fun in Thunderhead Games' excellent Bluffside supplement.

Fahil’s Floating Palace

This gaudily-furnished gambling “hall” is on board a huge two-storey barge moored at a pier in the Poor Ward’s red-light district. Gambling and drinking go on at all hours and music (usually accompanied by belly dancers) blares out across the strait. The Floating Palace is lit with colourful magical lights that pulse and dance to the beat of the Akhrani and Sahasran tunes from within. Various dice and card games are played here, with high stakes games taking place in a VIP area in what was the captain’s cabin.

The Floating Palace is owned by Zeno Meverel and run on his behalf by Fahil, a fat, jovial Sahasran with a well-groomed moustache. Fahil stands a little over five feet tall and is nearly as wide. He dresses in the most colourful silk clothes and enjoys wearing a bejewelled turban and pointed slippers. He says “if they don’t come to my place for the music, the dancing and the drinking, they come to see a fat man swim!”.

The typical clientele are sailors, merchants and other Old Quarter residents who consider themselves gamblers. The actor Iancu Petronas can also be found here with his pals, as can members of the Golden Scimitars. The Palace is seen as too brash and tacky for any sophisticates from the Imperial Quarter, even those who like to rough it occasionally.

From time to time, Fahil runs a contest to see who is the fastest swimmer in the Old Quarter. The winner claims the prize: a cup plated in gold bearing the inscription “Faster Than the Rest O’ The Fishes”.


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