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The Fat Grouper

The Fat Grouper is likely to be the home base (or touchstone as Monte Cook calls it) for the Parsantium campaign, at least initially, so I thought I'd better write some stuff about it!

The ‘Grouper is the centre of Flotsam, physically but also almost spiritually for it’s here that many of the boat-town’s residents (particularly its fishermen) come to sink a few jars at the end of a tough day’s work. The tavern was formerly a caravel; the bar is situated below decks, although on sunny days, the cooking is taken outside and excellent grilled fish is served from a barbeque on the sterncastle.

The landlord of the ‘Grouper is Glyn Merryfield, a miserable and greedy halfling who constantly complains about how life has dealt him a bad hand. Glyn is fat, balding and pale from spending most of his time indoors. As well as the tavern, he also owns several decrepit houseboats nearby which he rents out for 10 sp per week (to hard up PCs!). Glyn’s wife, Sarla, is younger and much more attractive but also a nagging shrew who bemoans the fact that they live in Flotsam on a boat. She will tell anyone who will listen to her shrill complaints that Glyn will never amount to anything unless he earns enough money to move their tavern to the Makers Ward. Even the Poor Ward would be an improvement!

Because this is Flotsam, the taproom isn’t fancy. The furniture is basic and built from rough wood, making splinters in the backside a hazard of drinking here. The only décor is a stuffed five-foot long purple grouper hanging over the bar and a few other fisherman’s trophies: a shark’s jaw, a narwhal horn and a couple of fishing spears. The beer is a watered-down but cheap pale ale called Marlin Brew. The only other drinks on offer are rotgut (a nasty potato-based spirit) and a vinegary red wine known as Sahasran Ruby. Apple-flavoured sheesha is also available and is popular with the regulars but it’s the food on offer which is the tavern’s saving grace. Sarla is actually a great cook so the food, almost always locally-caught fish (grilled or served as fish stew, chowder or curry) is very good indeed.

Any comments?


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Mar. 30th, 2008 08:51 pm (UTC)
Of course, if Glyn is free with his hands around the serving wenches when the wife isn't looking, it could also be known as the Fat Groper...
Mar. 30th, 2008 09:43 pm (UTC)
Very true but I fear that might be entering 'Allo 'Allo territory!
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